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11 Reasons Why Your Site is Receiving Less Traffic and How to Generate Traffic – Case Study

In this case study, I will be generally explaining some key reasons why most blogs receive less traffic. The issue of low traffic for a blogger brings poor earnings, lack of advertisers, reduces sites performances and makes your heart disheartening. Maybe you’ve asked yourself severally what you are really doing wrong that others seem to excel and you are always going back in your traffics, may or not you aren’t doing anything hurting to human but something is really wrong. let’s figure it out and see how you can stop this.

Some key Elements we are going to discuss here includes:

  1. Starting a blog
  2. What is a niche?
  3. Why do some sites receive less traffic?
  4. How to Generate massive traffic to your blog
  5.  Relevancy
  6.  Engagement
  7.  SEO
  8. Promotion

The Journey of Starting a blog

People are day after day starting new blogs. The question is, what’s their motive of starting these blogs? Are really starting these blogs because they really have the passion or they are starting because they feel ones you open a blog you are able to plug your ATM inside the blog thereby allowing every single visitor that comes in to convert into money and paid directly to their accounts?

Well, I asked this question because, several times, people have come to me requesting for this kind of service from me. Notwithstanding, starting a blog has to go far beyond monetary aspect.

Yes, we all need the money to pay some of our bills while we are blogging but most importantly, passion is a key to offering a service.

Having started a blog, you have to understand your niche. By understanding your niche, it also gives you a clear knowledge of who your audience are. I mean, you can’t continue to write articles on a daily basis without knowing a class of people coming to read them.

This is where your audience will come in handy.

Entertainment niche is a general niche, but they are means and methods to make individual entertainment niche to stand out from the crowd. At this point, I will explain what a niche is for the benefits of those that do not know what niche is all about.

What is a niche in blogging?

A niche by Adjective’ is defined as denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

A niche in blogging refers to a particular blogging topic you choose to blog. A particular category you choose to write on. For example, a doctor will likely fit into a health niche, a realtor will likely want to blog in affiliate marketing niche and so on and so forth.

You may now ask, as a health an entertainment blogger, I participate in affiliate programs, does it mean my blogging niche is affiliate niche?

The answer is NO. You are only participating in that program but may not necessarily need to write about that program or need to know deep about it. But as an affiliate program niche blogger, you will have to do deep research on the product in question, find the truths about it, the pros and cons of the product and so on then possibly write a review of the product. This way, he’s niche targeted to make affiliate programs posts on his or her blog.

Therefore, a niche is that particular blogging category that you choose to specialize in thereby blogging on it.

Now the topic proper.

Why do some sites receive very low traffic?

The reasons most sites receive less traffic are much more than we can discuss but in a nutshell, it’s far more important to understand some key, vital or fundamental and most common reasons why some sites are not getting traffic.

Have you wondered why you write your articles sometime and receives only few post views? And to tell you the truth, 30% of those pageviews counting may possibly be bots and may not real human being. So in summary, you may have gotten 300 post views for that day, of course, 90 of the page views may be bots and the remaining 210 pageviews may be passed by few people possibly not up to 100.

The facts remain that, we all need traffic in order to grow our brands and platforms. But in the same vein, they are a lot of things that have been a setback in achieving this. When we cross-check, we might find out that we aren’t doing some certain things or may still new in the system of traffic generation.

Now, this might be you;

You write quality content on a daily basis, maybe someone told you Google loves long contents from 800 words above before you can dominate search engines result’s front pages, and you decided to kick the ass and produce those quality content that took you roughly 3 hours to drop your notepad, when you published it on your blog, you find out that even sites with irrelevant content are ranking and actually receiving the traffic more than you. Boom you feel like something is wrong which you cannot figure out exactly. That’s right,

What am I doing wrong?

Probably a lot.

Beginners make mistakes. Just a part of life and Amateurs make mistakes too.

If you’re not getting the traffic you think you should be, the following are 11 of the most common reasons why:

  1. Not able to discover your niche

Yes, if you do not know your niche, there isn’t any way you can engage your audience the right way. As a matter of fact, you won’t have any reasons to maintain an audience which will make it more difficult to get that desired traffic. Your inability to discover your niche will make you lose a lot of potential visitors.

  1. Publishing content irrelevant to your niche

This is not to be overemphasized in most cases but it’s a key reason why most sites are getting less traffic. It’s important to decide which category you wish to blog on and focus on that niche only and let others be. You can’t be an affiliate marketer and at the same time news and entertainment. Each time I visit any blog, I always want to find out what this blogger is really blogging about. I check their niche and content playground.

Related image

I found out that most of this blogs play around entertainment, business and all forms of blogging niche. They tend to call themselves viral bloggers. But in the case of relevancy, a clear definition of your goal, mission and vision is a must.

Your site loads slow

Website load time vs Conversion

Speeding up websites is important — not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users and we’ve seen in all research studies that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there. But faster sites don’t just improve user experience; recent data shows that improving site speed also reduces operating costs.

We do agree that search engine traffic is the best traffic that will likely convert. Now, you may be asking what traffic conversion is. Traffic conversion is when a visitor comes to your blog hungrily for the information he or she is looking for and finally find it on your blog and at last perform one action or the other. The action maybe clicking your affiliate links to buy the promoted product, signing up to your list, clicking ads banners or following a link.

So in this case, when your site speed is up to average, visitors will likely feel welcome to browse around but when it loads slower, it will likely not convert due to too much bounce rate.

You care only about your brand and your content

When you are all focused on pushing your content at all cost to people for consumption without having them engage with you, you are just too concerned about yourself. Your brand needs fans to excel. In your own ways, how can you keep your readers to be coming back? How can you make them to feel welcome and relax?

You’ve set your brand page and set automated publishing, which means 3 minutes after you publish your post, it automatically distributes to your social media fan pages that is fine, but do you care to go back to those pages and see how the audience is engaging with your content?

I guess this is a mistake we all may become victims about

You don’t take SEO seriously

Many experts bloggers may not tell anyone their tips and tricks of becoming who they are today in the industry. The price they paid to become who they are. You may think knowing SEO or hiring someone for SEO service is a waste but that’s not true. Popular brands like Naij, Lynda Ikeji, Punch and many others also paid this price. And reasons you should not compare your blog with theirs in terms of traffic is because they have engaged the audience already and do not require any effort to let the traffic keep coming.

In the olden days, the rule used to be, “Publish as much as possible, as fast as possible.” The content was sparse, so you could crank out a measly 300-word article in five minutes and still get traffic via search engines, not because the article was good, but because it was the only article on the subject on the web. But now, the competition is high that in few seconds of breaking news, 100s of contents should be present online that after searching, you may not be among the 10th page possible.

You spend much time creating content rather than promoting

Promotion as far as branding is concern is key. Creating content without having readers is a kinda waste of time. While fulfilling your passion, you need people who should engage with your passion. For what reason should you keep on promoting content and not having readers?

Content promotion can be done through different means either by paying for sponsorship, running advertorial campaigns through pay per click (PPC) ads network, pay per impression (PPM) or pay per actions (PPA) network and much more. My Guide here an help you achieve that

You don’t promote others

As they’s always a saying, a good name is better than riches and also one good turns deserve another likewise in this aspect. Promoting other bloggers in your niche will help you a long way to connect with the right people who will likely speak good about your brand. For example, in point number 9, I made mention of Lynda Ikeji’s blog, Naij and the rest, do you know what I just did? Sure now you understood me. Chances are, one or two people who are just hearing about these brands for the first time today, will likely type Lynda Ikeji’s blog or naij to really see what they do that deserves a mention and that could be a massive traffic for these brands.

Your niche is too small to accommodate a large audience

Let me guess. When choosing your blog topic, you probably tried to find something nobody else was writing about, right? A small niche you could dominate and call your own? If so, you need to brace yourself, because I have some grave news: Your blog is a goner. Nothing you do will ever make it popular. Here’s why: What kind of movies do you like most? Romances, Comedies, Dramas, Action flicks, Thrillers, Kid’s movies? Whatever you pick, it’s cool. Millions of other people like that genre too. Now, do me a favor and name a movie that doesn’t fit in any popular genre. Go ahead. I’ll wait. *twiddles his thumbs* Tough, isn’t it? Sure, a few movies every year defy categorization, but for the most part, people want to see movies in their favourite genre, so that’s what Hollywood makes. The same is true for blogging. If you’re not writing in any of the popular categories, chances are there’s only a tiny audience for your blog, and it’ll be extremely hard to get their attention. Sorry.

You think your content alone will get influencers to notice you easily

Yes, if your contents are good and rich that they become unavoidable by the consumers, they may get influencers to get close to you easily by grabbing their attention with facts but the whole truth is, that might take much and much time to achieve since you are only dependent on google and other search engines. Why are influencers important in your blogging career in terms of traffic generation? In late 2015, when I was in search for link building for my blog, I had written so many emails making outreach to potential influencers who I needed them to give me a backlink, I just got stuck with their negative replies demanding for money before they could link to me. I keep on the search for backlinks that could parse link juice and in turns give me traffics, then, I got to meet one of my mentors who actually decided to help me. A single backlink from a guest post I made on his blog generated a lot of traffic for my blog and no doubt, I got a lot of email signups for my free offers.

You don’t use other communities well to make your platform

It’s sometimes very disheartening to see that people, I mean bloggers only utilize facebook platform as a place to dump their contents and expect readers. It ends in the days of Lynda Ikeji. It’s far more difficult now to get clicks from Facebook. Making use of social media communities could help you boost your traffic.

How can you use the social media communities to boost your blog traffic? You can use this in different ways such as building your email list from there, building and engaging facebook group which you are able to manage and control etc.

You probably not building an email list

An email list is very important for every blog. There are a lot of free email list companies online you can use to build your email list or better still buy a premium plan. Example of such includes, Maimunch etc. You can start building your list to announce special events on your blog, special posts or upcoming freebies on your blog etc.

How to generate traffics for your website/blog

As there’s a solution to everything in life, so I have an idea to solve some of these common problems. The remaining solutions I may not be able to provide here, do so by doing a research.

Use the platform wisely.

Here I will like to say, you should use your social media platform wisely. To you use your social media platforms, you must understand the difference between your brand and your personal life. I see a lot of people setting up auto link share to their personal profiles which means after publishing a post, it automatically shares a link to your Facebook profile and same with your fan page. This isn’t a good practice to generate traffic. Do not confuse your audience too much with some unnecessary contents. Mixing your personal life moments with blog posts etc.

They will likely not take any of your post serious. Remember, you are building that integrity for yourself and for your brand.

The second point in using the platform wisely is; for your Facebook fan page, twitter handle, Instagram etc, try as much as possible not to be too concerned with sharing only your blog contents.

What do I mean by this? Engage your audience by sharing other funny posts, cracking jokes, sharing inspirational quotes that sometime may require their actions by liking and commenting etc. This will help Facebook to pass the Facebook algorithm by showing your page contents to those engaged with you anytime you publish.

Time will not permit me to go into many details about this but this is a case study maybe we can do personal research about Facebook algorithms.

Thirdly before I go to next point, you can run some contest for your brand, not much it may be recharge card winning, anything to create brand awareness through social media.

SEO and Link building

This part, I may talk till the next day because it’s very broad. Maybe no one told us to get traffic from Google and other search engines; those search engines must see how relevant our pages are by discovering backlinks from other related pages. That’s true. Setup your SEO well and do a proper link building to gain more authority in your niche and you could outrank one or two competitors. You can hire a professional to do it for your here or do it yourself.

Build an Email List

An email list is like an asset, building an email list is very important to your site growth, performances and relevancy. Many foreign advertisers are much more concern about your authority such as, how many email or feed burner subscribers do you have, how many social followers do you have etc before they are able to decide either or not to advertise with you.

With an email list, you control when the traffic should come in and when to market a particular product or service to your subscribers. And furthermore, either you lost your brand or along the line you decided to change a business model, an email list is an asset, remain your property and can still be used for other purposes. This is to show the importance of such.

Promote your content on PPC, CPC, CPA, PPA, and CPM or PPM networks

Promotion still pays; this will enable you to measure your growth. People spend money to make money. Therefore, if you really want to get your content to the front page of search engines like Google, it’s important you run an AdWords for related keywords.

My resourceful guide will teach you A-Z how to spend less than a penny on converting customers. The Ultimate Penny Per Click Course.

For further Assistant, do free to leave your comments in the comment box and I will be there to entertain them.


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