13 Things to Consider before Choosing an Affiliate Program to Promote

When it comes to an affiliate program, you shouldn’t jump into any affiliate offer that comes your way. Sometimes it’s best not to promote at all than promote what will not work for you.

As a beginner who’s just starting with affiliate marketing, it is ubiquitous to jump on any affiliate offer that you see around, hoping to see dollars flying in left and right.

Of course not, it doesn’t work that way.

Here are my top things to consider before choosing an affiliate offer to promote to your audience.

1. Program Niche

Almost any website that sells digital or physical products or provides services has an affiliate program that people can make money from it. These websites come in a variety of niches that you cannot consider to promote everyone.

If you’re into a fashion and beauty niche, the best program to promote should be around fashion and beauty. It will weird to promote automotive programs with that kind of audience.

2. Cookies Duration

The first thing I consider is the duration of the cookies of any program I want to promote. Many programs have 24 hours cookies period while some offer a generous 30 days or 60 days. But the maximum I’ve seen so far is 90 days.

How cookies period works is that once a customer clicks on your affiliate link, he or she is to complete the action/purchase within that stipulated period else, any purchase from that customer after that period will not be considered as affiliate sales.

The most popular affiliate program, Amazon, uses 24 hours cookies period but 90 days cookies period if you’re using an API to add affiliate link products to carts automatically.

3. Program Terms and Conditions

Not reading affiliate terms and conditions might be one of the dumbest things most bloggers or affiliate marketers do online. Forgetting to read affiliate program terms and conditions before signing up.

Most terms are too strict and complicated. I tend to run very far from such networks. “I don’t like what I hate.”

4. Affiliate Commissions Rates

Should I even tell you why this is important? Of course not. Different affiliate programs offer various commission methods.

I love to work with a higher commission program than lower ones because I love to make five sales and earn $500 than ten sales to make $250. Now you can see the difference.

5. One Time or Recurring Commission?

Yes, I also love to know if I’ll get a recurring commission or a one time commission. Many SaaS will give a tiny commission and still insist on offering only a one time commission. I’d rather stay away from such.

I love to get a higher commission as a one-off or any amount for recurring commission. It is an excellent way to make me continue to promote the offer knowing that a single conversation can make me up to $5000 or more.

6. The Offer

Even though a program meets all other requirements, I still insist on considering the offer. The value the program provides to the audience I wished to promote it.

I love to test my affiliate products or services to ascertain that it’s an ideal recommendation for my audience. Recommending what will not add value or serve it promises to your audiences will only reduce your value.

7. Affiliates Support

Many affiliate programs do not offer any additional resources or support to affiliates. I mean, this isn’t fair. I love programs that provide additional support like creatives, swipes, and also respond to queries in case I suspect leakages on my traffic.

8. Program Competition & Opportunities

There are a lot of different affiliate programs online to choose from for any niche. But it’s essential to look at the competition for the program, narrow down your expectations and match the opportunities each similar program provides. Then you have your results on which to promote.

9. Payment Methods

Did I forget to mention this earlier? Payment methods should have been the first consideration, but since I’m not making this list according to the order of priority, then I don’t have any questions to answer from the readers.

The most popular way affiliates can withdraw their affiliate earnings is through PayPal. Unfortunately, PayPal is not available in many countries.

For instance, if you can’t create a PayPal account in Nigeria, that can send and receive money, but then you can create a Payoneer account.

So, to avoid the stress of using any hacking methods, it’s better to stick to the affiliate program that can pay via Wire transfer, Payoneer, or Visa.

10. Promotion Methods Allowed

Do you know that many affiliate programs do not allow you to promote their program via email marketing?

How about the ones that don’t allow you to promote them on Social media? The reason you should sign up for an affiliate program is that you have the audience or already planning on how to build an audience.

So, what if the program does not allow you to promote them with your source of traffic? Any sales you send to them will be forfeited. Gosh.

11. Payment Threshold

It’s a vital consideration. Almost every program has its expected payment threshold. What use will it make if I will earn a commission and because I couldn’t reach the points and I won’t get paid?

12. Demographics

I can’t promote any program that has a location-based conversion. Yes, I can’t.

Many affiliate programs are country restricted to some locations, and if your audience is in the limited areas, you’d be wasting your time and energy promoting them.

For example, Clickbank restricted Nigerians from purchasing on their website. It will be challenging for a Nigerian blogger with a Nigerian audience to promote any product there and earn a commission.

13. High Converting Sales Page

No matter how good you are in pitting your marketing or sales letters, if the main sales page, which is the landing page of the offer you are promoting, is not well designed, you do be wasting your energy and traffic.

If the sales page copy is poorly written without adequate and appropriate use of call to actions (CTAs), then it’s not possible to convert your traffic to sales.

It is normal because, when you introduce customers to a product or services and recommend to them, the next thing is for them to click the link back to the offer page, and if the information there is not appealing and converting, they won’t buy.

These are the thirteen essential things to consider before signing up to promote any affiliate program.

Now back to you. Do you have any way to detect a profitable affiliate program? I love to hear from you.

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