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How to Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria guide pdf

How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria or Ghana (+Free Training in PDF eBook)

If you're looking for how to start a mini importation business in Nigeria or Ghana, then you're on the right If you've been looking for a lucrative business to start in Nigeria or Ghana, then mini importation should be your first or second option. In this post, I'm going to show you everything and steps you need on how to start a profitable and successful mini importation business in Nigeria or Ghana.

I have read different articles online and watched different videos and tried to understand how those self-acclaimed mini importation experts share their ideas with you and I've realized how difficult it must have been for some of you.

Starting a mini importation business in Nigeria or Ghana isn't as difficult or easy as most of them claim. It's a business and requires due diligence and I'll indulge you to pay adequate attention to this post as possible.

Most of the writers have made you understand that you need enough money to get started but I'm here to tell you that you don't need such a ridiculous amount of money before you can start the importation business.

Again, every business demand risks and investment and there's no biggest amount you can invest in any business or smallest amount.

I have seen a few of the guys in my WhatsApp group who used N20,000 Naira to start mini importation.

When I wanted to start back then in 2017, I used N11,000 Naira to buy my first set of goods and shipped them to Nigeria and started the distribution to my buyers as orders began to roll in.

Truth be told, it's always wise not to jump into any business and invest 100% of your startup capital. It's called calculated risks. I used N11,000 Naira to start because I wanted to ascertain my fears that this is indeed a lucrative business and not to take chances of any importation coach claiming it was a profitable business.

Until I earned my first interest before I could invest a larger amount in the business model.

It will interest you to know that you can get quality goods from China at manufacturer's prices and retail them here in Nigeria for a larger profit margin say 100-200% ROI.

I have seen a product that cost around 1000 Naira from China and is been sold in Nigeria for 15,000 Naira and it all worth it based on the quality and value it provides.

The only thing you should be most concerned about is how to get a winning and hot selling product that will disrupt the market for maximum ROI and that leads us to our first question…

What are Hot Selling Products in eCommerce?

Simply put, hot selling products can make your e-commerce business skyrocket while a popular product might slow your sales. There are products that are high in demand in a given market audience.

Specifically, a hot product should be the one that does not have many sellers in your country and that solves a basic and specific problem in society. I call them “hot selling niche products”.

Well, with the knowledge I will be sharing with you joined with your action taking attempts, you too can import products at low manufacturer’s prices and sell them for a much higher profit margin. All you have to do is pay attention and take action and before we continue, let's dive into an overview of what Mini Importation is all about.

What is Mini Importation Business in Nigeria?

How to Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria
How to Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria – Photo Credit: JokieWalker via

Here's a detailed introduction to what mini importation is all about that you need to know before considering it your next business venture.

The phrase “Mini Importation” is derived from the word “Importation” itself which is the buying of goods and services from overseas to sell them in your own country.

It is called Mini because it’s a low scale business model which you can start with any little amount of money as low as N15,000 while the full importation business requires a lot of paperwork, financing, and requires somehow goods around half a container, full container or containers.

For example, a person who imports containers of cars to sell in another country is an importer.

As derived from the compound word “import”, mini importation isn't necessarily all about importing the product at a low scale but it all depends on your financial budget, business mindset and risk-taking to maximize profit.

I have seen a friend who discovered an award-winning product that made him a millionaire in a week. This is no joke. I mean, I don't joke with my stuff and I hate fabricating figures just to get attention. This is a real-life figure from a real importer. So you too can become one today.


An Introduction to e-Commerce and Mini Importation

eCommerce and Mini Importation

E-commerce refers to any form of business transaction that is conducted over the internet. The most popular example of eCommerce is online shopping, which is defined as buying and selling of goods via the internet on any device.

However, eCommerce can also entail other types of activities, such as online auctions, payment gateways, online ticketing, and internet banking. –Oberlo.

Mini importation is an internet-based business since 90% of your works will be done online and besides, anyone can do it from anywhere in the world. eCommerce is important because it is;

  • Not restricted by location
  • Sellable on Autopilot
  • Has low startup costs
  • Has targeted marketing channels
  • Easy overhead to manage inventories
  • Can work from Anywhere

eCommerce is fast growing in Africa with a 21% market share in the global e-commerce sales of trillions of dollars. You too can be part of the revolutionary business idea. It starts right here.

What do you need to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria or Ghana in 2020?

Absolutely nothing too serious that maybe you don't already have or know how to get. And if it's something that you don't have, perhaps you'll know how to get it in this post.

You will need just the following in order to start a profitable and successful mini importation in Nigeria and Ghana.

  1. A Smartphone or Laptop or both
  2. A source of Internet connection
  3. A valid and traceable home or office address to receive your goods
  4. PayPal account that can send and receive money
  5. Little cash to invest (15,000 Naira or 250 Cedis)
  6. Payoneer account (Optional – Create One)

That is all you need to start a mini importation business. Now you know that it's not rocket science or such a big deal to launch an importation business. 

It's a business that can be operated in your home, office or school without interfering in your current day to day schedule then later you can resign your current engagement when you hold ground.

Right from here, I will handle some frequently asked questions and answer them so you know before jumping into the business model.

What are the steps required to Start Importation Business in Nigeria or Ghana in 2020?

Requirements for starting Mini Importation Business

As long as you already have an idea of what the business model is, I believe you already figured out. But for the benefit of completing this post, let me tell you.

These are all the steps you need to start your interested business.

  1. Product Niche Research
  2. Hot Product Sourcing and Identification 
  3. Where to Buy the Products
  4. How to Buy the Products
  5. Guide to Send the Products to Nigeria
  6. Receiving the Products in your doorsteps
  7. Marketing Channels to Sell your products for maximum profits

I won't leave you blind like that at least let me answer your burning questions about the list above thereby explaining them one after the other to save you the overhead of asking yourself.

1. Product Niche Research

A niche product is a process of narrowing down your product selection to a very specific market segment to serve specific customer's needs.

Before starting a mini importation business, it's better to sell products that are not too rampant in your country such as fashion products, accessories, mobile phones etc.

Doing that will expose you to the market competition and might affect your overall selling speed. But when you choose a secret niche product that is difficult to find in your country, you'll become the voice of the product.

Not just that. Imagine a smartphone that the manufacturer sets a price control and you coming into the niche, you'll be limited to the general pricing system and your profit margin can be guessed.

Niche products also help you to get referrals from past customers and it will make you grow faster.

Take, for instance, a pair of jeans trouser is sold in any boutique or market from 3000 Naira above. It's so rampant that even Aboki sells them house to house or in the streets.

That isn't a good product to consider for mini importation. Although there are other fashion products that can be considered as secret niche products that are difficult to find.

Therefore, when selecting a niche, go for something that provides solutions, answers question, add value. Let it just solve a problem and you'll make it. For example;

  1. Health & Beauty Niche
  2. Automotive Niche
  3. Financial Niche
  4. Technology Niche
  5. Innovation etc.

2. Hot Product Sourcing and Identification

By the time you start mini importation, the first place you should spend much of your time is how to source for hot selling products or high in-demand products.

There're lots of places to source for winning products for your business ranging from existing e-commerce stores, keyword research tools, reviews and more. I explained all this in my complete Mini importation course v2.0.


Hot selling products are those ones that solve a basic problem and they become high in demand because people are looking for solutions or need helps that the product can provide.

For instance, years back the product bellow was one of the hot-selling products.

When we discovered that the product had potentials, we purchased it and started selling it in Nigeria. It is called Night Driving Glasses.

Night Driving Glasses Anti Glare Polarized With Stylish Case
Night Driving Glasses Anti Glare Polarized With Stylish Case – Mini Importation Business Guide

It cost around N500 per piece from China and if you're good in guessing you'd think it would be sold for N1500 or less in Nigeria but trust me to have added an additional zero on N1500.

This product actually sold for N25,000, 20k and 15000 then because it was hot selling and a must-have for individual car owners. Currently its sold for N7500 but with low demand.

3. Where to Buy the Products

The truth is you shouldn't just depend on most random online business training bloggers. Business needs some technical positioning and in-depth knowledge before starting.

I've seen many bloggers writing and recommending people to just jump into Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay to start a mini importation business. But this isn't it at all.

How can a retailer go to a retail store to buy retail goods? That doesn't make sense at all and when I read one of the posts, I became so grieved to quickly put up this post.

On a norm you're directed to buy on;

  • Amazon
  • Aliexpress
  • DHGate
  • Bangood
  • eBay
  • etc

But I'll tell you what. All these sites really suck! Aside from Aliexpress and DHGate most of the sellers on Amazon, eBay are also retailers who buy from the same sources as we do from China to retail on these sites.

In fact, some of these retailers are not direct sellers but Dropshippers who do not even see the goods before they get to their customers but stand as middlemen.

So why then should I buy from such a seller when there's a better option? Now you know.

4. How to Buy the Products

Another thing you need to know is how to buy those products. Since most of the manufacturers' websites to buy at ridiculously cheap prices are Chinese languages, it becomes a burning question to ask on how to buy the products.

To buy on these sites like 1688, Tmall,, Taobao etc, you will need the following;

  1. A Chinese bank account
  2. AliPay account
  3. Verified WeChat Account
  4. And the website's account
  5. Then you need to be a native of the Chinese language speaker

The problem here is you can't be in Nigeria and get all these or it's not a one day stress to get them but don't worry.

Anyone can buy from China by themselves and pay suppliers or use a third-party service and still make a profit. This is what we've done several times and I'm not telling you from a theoretical angle. I have covered all this in my Mini Importation v2.0 course. Save yourself the stress and;


5. Guide to Send the Products to Nigeria

You probably be wondering if you purchased items from China directly from suppliers how then can you get them delivered to you in Nigeria? Well, that's right.

You'd need to worry about this. But I tell you what. This is easier than you thought. Actually, we use forwarders from China to Nigeria. But the problem is how to find them.

I've also seen a lot of people listing some logistics companies out there. These companies don't serve the real deal. It's better to work with a company you can trust.

A company that can deliver your goods to you on time and at an affordable price too.

Before it used to be $5/kg to ship from China to Nigeria and an additional N300/kg to clear your goods from custom but now due to the cost of things it costs $7/kg and N400/kg for custom clearing.

Some of these shipping companies can get your goods delivered to you within 24-72 hours on express shipping or 7-14 days on cargo shipping from China.

6. Receiving the Products in your doorsteps

Sometimes, some of the students who bought my course were scared about how they can receive their products at their doorsteps anywhere in Nigeria. 

Of course, you should ask. I mean it's a rising concern, right?

Well, the truth is all products from China always land in Lagos Airports and Ports. But depending on the shipping company you're using, it can be shipped to your doorsteps anywhere in the country.

It can also be waybill to you if they happened not to be providing such a service.

In My Mini Importation v2.0 course, I've listed more than 10 trusted and reliable shipping companies you can use for your importation business.

7. Marketing Channels to Sell your Products for maximum profits

The last thing I want to talk about on this post before logging out is that you shouldn't depend on general marketplaces like Jumia and Konga as every other person will recommend.

Here, we use high converting marketing techniques that guarantee sales. On a normal, many bloggers will say you should market your goods with Jumia, Konga, and then wait for word of mouth, referrals etc. But I see this as scrap.

The best and fastest way to market your products is through sponsored adverts. 

  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram sponsored ads
  • Your website (eCommerce)

In my course, I've taken the time to teach how to run a converting ad with Facebook and Instagram. I have also taught about how to design a beautiful landing page with WordPress and provide you with all the resources you need to launch the website.


In this course, I've also covered how to deliver your goods to your customers. I've created a total business model for you to jump in right away.

The advantage of a website is that it gives you additional control over your marketing channels and how you can better communicate with your customers by collecting their information via email marketing. You can start using ConverKit right away.

Summarily, you need to understand that in business, you need to be consistent, observant, and smart. The figures I have used on this post do not guarantee you'll get exactly the same results. You might be better if you put more effort or lesser when you put fewer efforts. To get started right away, download my complete beginner's friendly ultimate guide.

Is Mini Importation Business Profitable in Ghana or Nigeria?

Yes, Mini Importation business is very profitable. It has helped average Nigerians and Ghanaians earn at least N500,000 or more every month working from home.

I started mini importation with just N11,000 and scale it up to a good amount even though I increase my second investment capital. Mini Importation is actually very profitable for African people.

Mini Importation Business in Nigeria WhatsApp Group

Are you looking to join WhatsApp groups that give free training mini importation classes? Then this is the right place. You can now join our smart investors' mini import WhatsApp group to learn more about what Mini Importation business. 



Mini Importation is a lucrative business in Nigeria and anyone can profit from it. All you have to do is develop a business mindset, discover a niche product, put in a little investment capital of as low as N15000 and above and watch it grow to a tangible business within a short while.

It's not compulsory to buy and sell alone to individual buyers, you can also buy and supply to retailers and become a direct supplier of specific products. Ready to get started with the advanced training? Click here.

Got any question about Mini Importation business? Ask in the comment section

Awogor Matthew
Awogor Matthew
Hello, I'm Awogor Matthew. I'm a creator, Digital Marketing Strategist and part time web designer at Sendfix Digitals. I'm the owner of this blog you are reading here and I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that enable "us" earn a living online. The online ecosystm is big enough to create a space for you and I. So, connect with on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Awogor Matthew
Awogor Matthew
Hello, I'm Awogor Matthew. I'm a creator, Digital Marketing Strategist and part time web designer at Sendfix Digitals. I'm the owner of this blog you are reading here and I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that enable "us" earn a living online. The online ecosystm is big enough to create a space for you and I. So, connect with on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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