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How to Start an Employment or Recruiting Agency in Nigeria

Either we like it or not, every day, more than 100s fresh graduates and none graduates are roaming the streets of the cities searching for jobs. They are either forced to dump their CVs with scammers pretending to be employment agents who also are looking for a source of livelihood. This has been a basic problem in many civilized cities across Nigeria as a nation.

However, it is cited that developed working environments seek to employ people with good working experiences and of high standards who can maintain company values and of good personal behaviours.

Irrespective of how big or small an organization may be, the need to employ a reputable staff remain core scrutiny to their respective establishments. Looking at the needs and demand to produce highly competitive and competent staffs to fill their respective vacancies, there’s therefore, 100% opportunity in striving through the business model.

However, many startups always find it difficult to make it massively in these business aspects due to lack of the right marketing strategies, team and perhaps, startup capital. But, wait! The game plan of this post is to help average Nigerians who see a business opportunity in starting an employment company in Nigeria that will speak face to face with any MD/CEO or director of any company for a business partnership.

In this regard, I will love to say, for those that don’t know what an employment agency is, here is a short overview of what the subject matter means.

What is an Employment Agency?

Recruitment Agency

An employment agency is an established organization set aside to match employers and job seekers together while producing efficiency and competency amongst applicants to meet the high demand in their respective position possible. Now the topic in details.

How to Start an Employment Company and Excel in Nigeria

Nigeria is a fast-growing economic country with jobs around the developed cities. Despite the fact that desired jobs are hard to find, they are still companies searching for qualified candidates who will stand fit to handle given tasks in a given organization. With the high demand, anyone who ventures into this idea will definitely see a yielding result in financial growth and development.

Many people who started employment consultancy long ago failed to apply some vital formula that could have made them million Naira businesses they desired due to either lack of finance, management, unbalanced team, skills and techniques or perhaps, ideas. Below are very important steps to starting an Employment Business in Nigeria.

Discover the Passion and Interest

It’s important you, first of all, discover your love for the role of managing an agency built in that area. When you have the passion, it is then possible to manage the business from startup to climax stage.

In a situation where one does not have the love or passion requirement for a job, it is assumed you are only been driven to the job just for the monetary gans involved. Not a bad one, but in rare cases, such kind of business interest always end up in a quick drop out.

Nevertheless, we all need the money in every business we start, but the mindset of making quick money is always a big challenge to many startups. Therefore, to start a successful Employment Agency, one needs the passion which builds interest and commitment to start and be able to excel and also make a career out of the business.

Start Small but Big

Every big company today was once a small company. But the people behind them were really great achievers who never limit their thoughts, goals and targets. But with a continual goal retargeting, they are in better levels today.

Just like the popular saying, that “Rome wasn’t built in one day” or “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

Starting small but big is very important in any business starting. But it never a warranty to limit one’s ability to inability nor develop an inferiority complex and limit oneself from seeing the future and actually working towards it. When you plan big, but start small, chances are, you are going to make it sooner.

Discover a Business Around it

To excel, you need to acknowledge the fact that you are starting a business and not gambling. This simply means that you are going to mean what you want and do what you’ve got to do and when you are required to do.

A business is always set to a standard of which it can be called business. Argumentatively, you are planning to start and make free money without investing… Hell “NO”. When you discover you are actually going to start this business, then it’s the right time to make the right goals as well as disciplinary rules to guide you through making a standard business.

Register a Business Name

I have seen many across the streets of Lagos claiming employment agents. Yes, they are agents and they are also able to satisfy some people with jobs but the truth is these business owners do not have the vigour, boldness to stand in front of reputable and standard businesses and submit their proposals to become their employment agents or do other consultation.

I guess you should be asking yourself the reason they are not able to do so? NO, you are probably lazy to ask that question “LOL” just teasing you la;.

The big reason is they do not have an identity. When you do not have an identity, chances are, you won’t be able to introduce yourself properly to a fellow likewise in a business setting.

Your business name is a true identity of who you are and what you are as far as business is concerned. For instance, traditionally, when a woman gets married to a man, her name changes to that of a man and not her biological father. Her husband becomes her true identity. And in that process, her name changes from Miss ABCD MNOP to Mrs XYX ABCD.

Notice the change in title? She obtained a certificate to bear Mrs likewise you will obtain a certificate from the government to bear or do business with that your self-acclaimed business name.

It is important to register your business name with the Comparate Affair Commission (CAC) before proceeding with any kind of business.

This way, you will have the right to approach any legally recognized business worldwide. CAC has even made it possible to register your business now without having to hire a lawyer or going to their office. Nonetheless, it’s still advisable you have a legal practitioner to handle the job for you for more clarification and assistant.

Go Digital (Own a Website)

If your business is based on offline, chances are, you are only reaching a lower audience around your little geographical environment and losing out of thousands of other potential audiences searching the internet with their mobile phones or laptops.

The knowledge of taking your business online is the beginning of increasing your sales by up to 200% or more. The world is revolving and people want to research and find out more about businesses online before they could partner with them offline if the need arises.

As the new era of COVID has also affected many ways we think, handle and do things. It’s important for you as an individual or business owner to rethink and adapt to the new norm by utilizing digitalization until further notice.

Here’s just a short personal experience.

I was in need of a mini microphone for my laptop, which I intended using for recording videos on my laptop for tutorials purposes. After searching it on Jumia and Konga without finding it, I got to make a little search on Google, lo and behold brethren, I found a small business online which could supply me this gadget.

I never stopped there. I couldn’t complete the purchase because it was actually paying before delivery. I went and type on google “Business name + review” Behold, I already found many people sharing their positive reviews and right and then, I made payments within 3 days the product was delivered to me.

What I’m trying to say is that, if you are able to reach 100 customers per day offline, you could reach 500 customers online without stress sitting in the comfort of your home but with good marketing strategies and this could help you to gain more recruiters and job seekers and of course more money for your business.

This way, it’s important to take your business online. It doesn’t cost millions to own a website. All you have to do is find a web developer who will understand your business and deliver your message to the right audience. and with that, you don’t have to look further because your renowned Digital Marketing Agency partner is right here. Contact Sendfix Digital Solutions now.

Write Proposals for Partnership

If you must make the good amount of money that you believe, start by approaching companies, brands and small businesses in your capacity. By now, your company must be a standard company with all the necessary requirements listed above.

It’s time to approach your possible clients by writing enticing proposals to them for partnership. This partnership will carry your letterheaded logo, contact details etc (letterhead). In the letter of proposal, include as many details as possible.

E.g; Include the value you are going to provide. Include the importance of making you their employment consultants, explain the fact that your business is also creating an employment opportunity to other citizens etc. Now, wait for their reply. If you are able to get 5 companies per week or two to sign up as your partners, then you are a billionaire already. Lol, just kidding… But rather on a serious.


Starting an employment or recruitment agency shouldn’t be a big deal anyways. having a little knowledge of administrative role will be an added advantage to your team. For example, you might choose to acquire a certification or accreditation in management programs such as Human Resources. Mostly, these can be obtained online as well if offline isn’t too cool for you.

but in summary, you need the passion and interest to make it a business, you need to do marketing research and develop a business plan, you need a website to gain more chances and you need to legalize your business to be a compliance business.

Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think.

Awogor Matthew
Awogor Matthew
Hello, I'm Awogor Matthew. I'm a creator, Digital Marketing Strategist and part time web designer at Sendfix Digitals. I'm the owner of this blog you are reading here and I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that enable "us" earn a living online. The online ecosystm is big enough to create a space for you and I. So, connect with on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Awogor Matthew
Awogor Matthew
Hello, I'm Awogor Matthew. I'm a creator, Digital Marketing Strategist and part time web designer at Sendfix Digitals. I'm the owner of this blog you are reading here and I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that enable "us" earn a living online. The online ecosystm is big enough to create a space for you and I. So, connect with on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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