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How to open a PayPal account in Nigeria PDF

7,500.00 1,999.99

  • Create PayPal Account Without VPN
  • Send and Receive Money in Nigeria without restrictions
  • Access your account without a VPN
  • LEARN and EARN for free
  • Send/Receive Funds as Goods and Services (GNS)
  • Send/Receive funds as Family and Friends (FNF)




We all know PayPal is the most primary means of making payments online and receiving payments online easily. But the big issue is the fact that many countries including Nigerians are restricted from using PayPal to receive or make payments. In most cases, we as Nigerians are only allowed to link our cards and make payments but cannot receive payments with the PayPal which is very bad and discriminating.

But that’s fine. I have been receiving payments from companies and making an online purchase, paying people home and abroad with PayPal right here in Nigeria for the past 3 years and am ready to help you do the same thing.

I will help you create a working PayPal Account in Nigeria that can send and receive payments home and abroad. This isn’t like other hyps on the internet about PayPal.

Below are screenshots from some of my PayPal Accounts.

The above screenshot is one of my recent PayPal Accounts

More Screenshots from other accounts

If I want to continue uploading proves, I will upload till this page will be fill.

But I stopped here.

This e-book is the shortest words copy you can ever find with powerful info.

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