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How to Get Your Music Video on Vevo and Make $1000/Month as Royalty – Step by Step Guide

My name is Awogor Matthew and one of the things am committed to is helping you make money in online without stress. Today am going to show you how to make roughly $1000 or even more promoting your music videos on Vevo platform. As we know, Vevo is a world most lagest video publishing platform with over 1billion views daily. Publishing your music video on other platforms as an artist is a nice idea to reach another more targeted audiences, but if you really want to make money online as an artist, then Vevo is a good choice for you. In this guide, am going to show you a detailed step by step guide to create your first Vevo YouTube Channel and how you can earn up to $1000 royalty on your videos.

What is

Vevo is one of the largest Video publishing site that pays a royalty to authors and copyright owners of their respective videos. Vevo has gotten a high reputation in settling artist, videos owners etc their respective royalties.

Vevo is also an American multinational video hosting service providers founded on December 8, 2009, as a joint venture between three major record companies, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI. Wikipedia.

Vevo made it service availability exceptional only in Australia, New Zealand, Poland, France, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The website was scheduled to go worldwide in 2010, but as of March 23, 2018, it was still not available outside these countries. Vevo’s official blog cited licensing issues for the delay in the worldwide rollout. Most of Vevo’s videos on YouTube are viewable by users in other countries, while others will produce the message “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” Oops. This isn’t good for your profession Huh!  Wikipedia.

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Fighting the licensing issue, the ability to make money while promoting yourself as an artist for free with the Vevo platform is still not communicated for the worldwide accessibility. However, there’s always a solution and a way to go forward. Before the end of this guide, you should be able to publish your first music video on Vevo and gain full access to receiving your royalty.

How to get a Vevo Artiste account for free

Now, having known what Vevo is all about, it’s time you create your official account and own your Vevo YouTube channel for free. But how can you do that when the whole process is restricted to many countries in the world and it happens that you aren’t among the countries mentioned here it’s completely disheartening leaving you in a state of no decision.

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But, wait! The solution is finally here. Right in this section is where am going to show you how to create;

  1. Vevo Artiste YouTube Account
  2. Publish your first music Video on Vevo
  3. What is Vydia and how to Use Vydia etc

Step 1: Go to Vydia by using this link

Step 2: Sign up with either your email and other details or Sign Up with your Social Account (Gmail/YouTube Recommended) Accept their terms and conditions.

Get on Vevo

Step 3: Login to your email and Verify your email Address to show you aren’t a robot.

Step 4: Click on New Release at the top right corner of your dashboard

Step 5: Select the type of Video you do wish to publish

There include; Video content synced with a pre-recorded music track, including Official music videos, Lyric videos, Cover videos, Sound recordings (Audio), Artwork videos, now hit “MUSIC VIDEO”.

Step 6: Choose platforms you wish to publish your video.

This includes Facebook, Vevo, YouTube etc. Note that all will carry Vevo watermark which helps to make your video authentic and anyone that attempt publishing it on other video platforms like YouTube and monetize them, Vevo will help to pass the copyright royalty to you in subsequent time.

vydia free account

Step 7: Complete your Creator Profile setup by following the prompt setting request (Use Your real name or your Stage Name here.

Step 8: Select the destinations you want to publish your video.

You may need to link your YouTube and Facebook Profile first before proceeding with this step. Once your Social profiles are linked (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) you will be able to publish the video automatically from Vydia app directly to your various social account with copyright protection. To get Facebook you also need to create your official Facebook fan page where the video will be published.

vydia sign up

Having done that, YouTube channel, Facebook and all the linked social media will be available at the “Select Destination” section. Now, choose all the destinations you wish to publish the video automatically.

Note: Both YouTube, and other social media views also attract earnings.

Step 9: Head on to the Attach Video File Section

Make sure after following all the above steps, you already have your video file ready on your device for upload. Now Enter the song title and hit continue. Choose the file and upload it successfully.

Step 10: Choose the services you wish to publish the Video

Step 11: Hit Confirm.

By hitting confirm, you agree to their terms and conditions automatically. Therefore, you will need to rent the storage space to be publishing all your videos now this is the main issue here buddy.

In order to buy this page, you do need two things, either a Credit Card or a PayPal Account which you will also need to cash out your royalties.

If your Credit Card is available and working fine, that’s perfect go ahead. But if you do not have a credit card to complete the payment but you have a PayPal Accounts that can send and receive money, still fine. Go ahead. But if you do not have any other the above mentioned, please, pay attention to what am about to say. It’s very important to you.

We all know PayPal is one of the  primary means of making purchase and receiving payments online easily. But the big issue is the fact that many countries including Nigerians are restricted from using PayPal to receive or make payments. In most cases, we as Nigerians are only allowed to link our cards and make payments but cannot receive payments with the PayPal which is very bad and discriminating.

But that’s fine. I have been receiving payments from companies and making an online purchase, paying people home and abroad with PayPal right here in Nigeria for the past 3 years and am ready to help you do the same thing.

I will help you create a working PayPal Account in Nigeria that can send and receive payments home and abroad. This isn’t like other hyps on the internet about PayPal. You can Chat with me on Facebook here Contact me here or Call me for more info. Please do not spam, call only when you are ready to get the info. You can also buy my helpful PDF by Paying online here for more info.

If you are buying the ebook online, the better for you. Immediately payment is confirmed by Paystack, you will receive an email notification immediately on how to download the ebook. So, in order not to waste your time and stress, buy the helpful guide online to create your PayPal account in Nigeria for free.

Now that you’ve successfully published your video online, what is the next step to make up to $1000/m as royalty with your music Video? The let us to answering a big question asked by almost every celebrity or artists.


The amount of money you are going to earn when your video is successfully published on Vevo solely depends on the number of engagement it gets from fans. What this means is the Vevo will pay you royalty base on RPM, money accumulated with your videos equivalent to the number of views you get.

In this case, you are advised to help promote your videos too in your own space by running paid Facebook ads for the video or Running YouTube Adword promotion for the video in order to gain more views and more publicity for yourself. This means, the more the Views, the more the Earnings. Good luck!

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