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6 Updated Ways to Monetize Your Music Blog 2019

If you are looking for How to Monetize Your Music Downloading Blog, then we are going to cover the topic in a bit here and by the time we are done reading this post, we will have a clear understanding and ways to monetize our music websites and increase revenue.

First things first, in order to figure out which monetization opportunity suite your new music blog, I guess we should ask ourselves, “Are we offering music download under any legal rights”? Yes, this is very important because most of us share other people’s hard work (music) without giving them an opportunity to earn royalties from them.

This issue of content infringement action let a lot of monetization opportunity to pass you by while other publishers platforms might not worry about the infringing content but allow Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to take its course. That been said, I believe you now know why you should not blog music for free download.

How to Monetize Your Music Downloading Blog

As of 2019, here are the Updated ways you can Monetize your New Music blog.

  1. Promote Songs For Upcoming Artists
  2. Use Adsterra
  3. Google Adsense
  4. Propellerads
  5. Adsdime
  6. Sell Ads Space on Your Site

Note: I will earn a commission if you use my affiliate links at no charges to you. If you wished I should not earn the commission you can ignore using my links. Only a greedy and wicked fellow won’t sign up with my links… Sorry! I didn’t mean what you think,,,,, 🤣🤣🤣

We are going to be discussing on how to make money with your music blog using the above-mentioned ways Updated in 2019.

1. Promote Songs For Upcoming Artists

Charging Upcoming Artists to Promote their Songs on your new music blog is one of the genuine way to earn from your new blog as a music blogger. Now that you do not have too much traffic, other monetization methods might not be useful to you because, some of them require a substantial audience, followers or number of visitors to be approved.

But when you promote music for upcoming artists who are always ready to pay for your songs, you earn genuinely without infringing their copyright.

I understand so many upcoming artists wouldn’t want to pay and will beg to be promoted for free. This is a very bad and unprofessional upcoming artist that wouldn’t want to grow anytime soon. Nothing is ever planted in life for free. You must do something to worth it. 

2. Sign Up for Adsterra Publisher’s Network

Adsterra is one biggest competitor for pop up ads, banner ads, and link ads advertising in the industry. With the ads, earning up to $1-$500 per day is possible.

It makes use of CPM, CPC, eCPM etc. This is a competitor to Propellerads and lot of other ads networks. I started using it for only 5 days and have earned only about $29 on a new blog that doesn’t receive up to 10k pageviews daily. If your site is receiving more than 10k pageviews, it’s a good opportunity for you to make up to $10-$25 per day or more and their payment methods is flexible and vast.

You can choose to get paid by PayPal, Wire transfer, Bitcoin and a lot of other means. It also allows publishers to withdraw twice a month on the 15th and 30th. This allows you not to worry about waiting for the next 30 days before you are been paid for your previous commission.

All the same, I have not had a payment proof yet as I’m about to hit the $100 payment threshold. But overall, I find the network to be very promising because a friend of mine referred me to the program and he’s been a member for a period longer than 5 months and has made more than $400 from them. This is safe and secure and can be used with Google Adsense.


3. Google Adsense

Google Adsense as every newbie blogger believes is the only way you can make money online is vastly overrated and a lot of heartbreaks are enticed to your participation in the program.

Monetize your site with google adsense

While it’s still the best way to make a good amount of money online, they are no guarantee for support, earnings because any time, their bot/agents can decide and shut down your account with massive earnings inside.

I have seen people who lost over $thousands of dollars and I have lost more than $1500 to Adsense which they will always promise to return to the respective advertisers but will never do that.

But despite all these, if you still wished to consider it, it’s a good option to monetize your music blog.

Note:  If You must monetize with Adsense after you’ve purchased your domain, do not start uploading music for downloads either the artists paid you for it or not, Google will think you are uploading such music without owners concerns and one of their publisher’s guidelines and prohibition is copyrighted content. Else, you won’t get approved.

4. Use Propellerads

Very importantly, I didn’t want to start a music blog until some reasons compelled me into doing so. Since the setting of the blog, I have never regretted my actions.

So, I decided to test Propellerads. Although I have signed up for the network since 2016, I have never used it because of what I use to believe it to be back then. So in 2019, I decided to give it a try since I made the mistake of starting to blog without Google Adsense approved.

I was getting around 80k Pageviews without any contextual advertising. I lost that much valued at $900 for the traffic I was getting per day. So, I remembered the Propellerads account and quickly installed ads code on my site. To my greatest surprise, the first day of using the service, I had literally earned $16. This was like a dream to me. After that day, I started earning up to $28 per day. Isn’t that great?

For music downloading blogs, this is your best Adsense alternative to monetize with. You could be making $50 -$200 per day depending on your traffic geographical reach, number of traffic per day etc. It makes it easier to monetize your site with banners, native ads (Related Articles to your site), a direct link and popup/popunder etc.

Bellow is my first Payment Proof.

propellerads payment proof


Propellerads Minimum Payouts and Methods of Payment

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer/PayPal/Payoneer

Minimum Withdrawal: $100

Payment Date: Week/Monthly Depending on the volume of your traffic

5. Monetize Your Site with Adsdime

Adsdime 300x600
Adsdime 300×600 Banner Ads

I recently discovered this with a friend. His site was previously banned from using Google Adsense and he later resorted to using pop up ads like Propeller and wanted to add something else, so he found Adsdime just exactly when he needed them.

Since then till now, he’s been making cool cash from the network. I can’t talk for myself because, I’m still experimenting this ads network and once I get my first pay, I might update this post with a payment screenshot.

However, this is a great opportunity for you to finally serve Ads by Google again, Adroll, Ad choice and all Adsense partner networks.

I have not figured it out yet to know how this program operates (Either they are official partners to google Adsense or do they advertise their own AdSense to publishers etc) I can’t tell. But once they respond, I will update this post. Overall, it’s a good network to monetize.

Updates: Adsdime has not been confirmed to be a good ad network to trust. I have had some several questions with them and they are yet to respond. They also own and which operates the same. They also owned, and a lot of other scam websites. Take precausion before using them.

6. Sell Ads Space on Your Site

This is one legitimate way to make money from your blog as a music blogger. This means is very easy but it requires a substantial amount of traffic to get started. How it actually works is that someone pays you to either put a trick download button on your site linking to your advertiser’s pages or simply banner ads.

Negotiating adverts on My Music Blog

The screenshot above is a sample negotiation between me and a client to advertise for a banner on my site. This is the simplest way to truly make money with your music blog without interfering with your other monetization means.

Thanks for Reading and I wished you find this helpful and useful. Please, share this with friends and leave your comment with what you think.


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