Do you want to make up to N200,000 with just N50,000 within 1-2 weeks? If you want to, then I want to show you how.

Anyone who wants to remain in Poverty, will remain there and also, anyone that wants to move from Poverty and start counting up to 6 figure per month, will definitely do. A bold step is always worth taking.


I will give you a single strategy that will earn you nothing less than N200,000/month for the start and increase up to N1000000, N5000000 and even a billion naira if you are serious.


This is a newbie friendly guide that will take you on a step by step guide to:

  • Knowing what mini Importation is all about
  • Saving your first 20-50k to start Mini Importation
  • Turning your 20-50k to N200,000 in 1 week right at the comfort of your home
  • Buying goods less than $1 and selling them here in Nigeria for N7500-N15,000
  • Buy Goods for as Low as $1/pieces and sell them in Nigeria from N7500 and above.
  • Buy Goods in China paying 300/$ instead of 370/$ as others will teach you.
  • Pay to ship from China to Nigeria as low as $5/KG for Ocean shipping (Takes 7-15 days)
  • Pay to ship from China to Nigeria as low as $9/kg On Air shipping (Express shipping; 2-5 Days)
  • Learn how to sell your goods as I will be providing you with the tools you need and the support till you're able to make your first sales.
  • Buy quality goods from the United States of America Paying as low as N200/$ and Ship them to Nigeria within 2-5 business days.
  • Learn how to get customers who are ready to buy your products before ordering for them.
  • Learn how to attract the right customers to your products.
  • How to turn your one-time investment of 50k to 200k before January 2019. And lot more.

Are you in Doubt about this?

Take a look at the product below we are currently promoting.

We are currently selling this product at the rate of N15000 instead of N27,500. This has increased our sales to a minimum of 20 orders per day.

Same product you can buy for 23 Yuan and lesser with some other vendors which are equivalent to N1221 NGN as of the time of writing this piece. See it on the image below.

Now, am ready to teach you the same step by step guide to becoming a Pro Mini Importer with just a few clicks. To make money in life, certain protocols must be broken and rules must be overruled, fears must be eliminated, bold steps must be taken, investment must be made and profit must be made.

This offer is packaged and reserved for fast action takers only who want to breakthrough in life via Mini Importation. The good news is that this doesn't stop you from doing your traditional job or any other activities.

This same secret, I thought the first batch in April 2018 and they all came back with positive reports. And the same thing I'm I going to teach only 20 people in Nigeria who will be fast to take a bold step in purchasing the course.

Here's what some of them said about the course after buying it.

This is a testimony from Nicholas Satochi. A popular Crypto guy and the founder of Blocknolly TV. He has been into the Mini Importation business more than 6 months before I started, but with a premium information I knew and he doesn't know, he decided to purchase my course. Wheem... After 15 days, his goods arrived and he saved up to 60% of his usual expenses using my tipes.

This is a tag from Samuel Bright, a big crypto guy and an Importer. After showing him what and what to do through a live training which you are also going to get here, he caught it and delivered a business for himself now import in large scale of up to $1000-$2000.

I sell this training full Package for N30,000 but I will give you if you take action today to join the first 20 people for the only N5500 for China Version and N8,000 for USA version. Buy both for N13,500 today price only.

This offer will Expire in: 

What you will get as Bonus?

Goal Setting to live a life of Freedom

Want That Dream House or Car? Want To Achieve True Freedom in Life? Want To Grow Your Business by Ten Fold? Read On… Is your life exactly the way you want it? Are you completely satisfied with your career? Your income? Your relationships? Do you find each and every day is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling on an emotional and spiritual level? No, I didn’t think so…

There Will Always Be Things You Want To Change Even for those of us who are very happy, there will almost always be things that we would like to change.

There will always be things that we wish were different. That’s just human nature. The question is what you’re doing about it; how you’re forging forward and improving every area of your life to ensure that your world keeps getting better and you keep getting closer to that feeling of ultimate fulfilment. Worth N5000

How to Create a Working PayPal Account in Nigeria that sends and receive Money in worldwide

Learn how to:

  • Create PayPal Account Without VPN
  • Send and Receive Money in Nigeria without restrictions
  • Access your account without a VPN
  • LEARN and EARN for free

This Course is divided into two different courses. You will need to choose the one you want to make payments for. Select it while checking out. Or Pay N14,000 for both. Contact me for a custom invoice

We Have China to Nigeria Mini Importation.

In China to Nigeria Mini Importation course, you will learn:

  • What is Mini Importation
  • How to start Mini Importation with as little as N20,000 (I started with N11,000)
  • Some selected Hot selling products now that guarantee sales
  • How to do indepths Product research no one will ever teach you except he/she learnt from me
  • How to buy goods below $2 and sell them in Nigeria for N7500-N15000
  • And a lot of other important things we are going to look at.
  • The idea is that, you will watch me in a live video show you everything step by step as I do product research, place orders, receive my goods in Nigeria and sell them even before they arrive Nigeria. (Slots available to 20 people only)

Offer Ends in:

USA to Nigeria Mini Importation

This is the most secret information I have always kept from even my friends and will not share it with them because, with this information, I can order anything in the United States of America and supply them to parties, birthdays or associations paying as low as N200/$ and even N150/$ or at most N250/$ and ship them to Nigeria paying N300/$. Isn't this amazing?

If you are lucky to join the first 10 people that will pick this package, I bet you, you won't regret. The good news is, you can ask me for a refund if what I promise is not what you see in the course and I will gladly refund you. So you have the right to test and if it's not what you saw here, then I will refund you 100% with no question asked.

You know USA sells quality products right? Let me tell you how I made N203,000 in a single order selling just a single iPhone X i bought from USA.

A neighbour wanted to buy a brand new iPhone X. When I checked the price on Jumia, it was sold for N430,000. I quickly went to USA websites and check the price, it's $1249 the Jumia own was fake with 3GB Ram lol. I told her the phone was fake and that I can get here a brand new iPhone X for just 450k that is original and I will give her 100% refund if she's not satisfied. Boom, she gave me 80% of the money. I quickly did my magic and place the order paying N190/$.

N190 X $1300 = N247,000

N247,000 - N450,000 = N203,000 interest. Awesome right?

If I had 5 orders for iPhone X in that same week, I do be thinking of buying a private jet already right? The same strategies and secrets am I going to show you in my USA Mini Importation Video course with a 100% refund if you are not satisfied.

Offer Ends in:

Let me show you how to convert 50k to 200k or more in one week.

Let's say you got a product that cost $2/1 in China. and you decided to buy 30 pieces of that product that should be a $60.

N50,000/364/$ = $137.36 - $60 = $77.36

Let's say you spent $25 to ship these goods (The shipping company I used charges $4/kg for customs clearance and N300/kg for shipping so that's less than $5/kg I usually pay. Same I'm I going to teach you.

Let's assume your goods are 5kg right? $5*5kg=$25.

Therefore, $77.36-$25 = $52.36 Balance.

Now your goods are in Nigeria. Let's change the $52.36 to NGN so you understand better. (52.36 * 364 = N19,059)

19k is actually more than enough to cover other logistics. Like setting up your sales page, advertising and shipping those goods to your buyers.

Ok, let's calculate how much gain you make out of that 50k

This product you bought is very unique. It's either currently listed on Jumia for 7500 or more. Let's take yours to be 7500 for the starts.

N7500 x 30 = N225,000 = N50,000 = N175,000. Now, you've made your first N175,000 in a week.

If you watch and follow my guide well and take action towards it, you should finish selling those 30 pieces of Products in one day or 1 week at most.

Do not relent and start showing off, telling your friends to join you in the clubs for a drink. Go back to your internet device, do more research and apply the same steps. Make sure in one month, you triple your first earnings. Grow and start making 1000000/Month. It's not a magic. 

Offer will Expire in:

 instead of N17500

My Name is Awogor Matthew

I will be your personal guide for this course and answer all your questions anytime, any day.

WhatsApp Me: +2349038416331

Email Me:

Please, only Call/WhatsApp me when you've made Payments for any package. I won't entertain any joker!


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