Have you ever come to realize you needed to start Mini Importation business in Nigeria then couldn’t find the solution to your questions? I was once in this situation until I had to figure it out how to do that as well. I spend a lot already searching for the right information.

Behold, I found it after several spending. After paying 10k to one guy to learn Mini Importation, I was totally disappointed with absolutely wrong information which never helped. Later on, I met another guy who thought something similar and I paid 5k to learn from him.

After going through the training, I ventured into mini Importation and made some change out of the game, explored other opportunities to save massively, behold I got one which helped me a lot.

This is the same reason why am writing this long article to better explain what you are about to get. I’d be glad if you pay attention to what am going to be saying here. Read it line by line and don’t skip because the line you decide to skip might be the one that may have information that will favour your needs.


It will interest you to know that this is a very lucrative business in the country right now as everyday people are buying thousands of goods online and you can relax while your money work for you because we settle the stress of dealing with dealers in China who you can’t understand each other. We provide you with a procurement agent who buys, Ship and deliver goods to you right here in Nigeria.

Mini Importation Business Requirements to Get Started.

Not too much to worry, these are the requirements to get started in Mini Importation Business.

  • A Nigerian Phone Number
  • A Valid Bank Account to do transfer to your procurement agent
  • A PayPal Account (Optional)
  • An Email Address
  • A Smartphone or Laptop with Internet Enabled
  • A shipping company that will get your goods to you (We have taken care of this in the training).
  • Knowledge of Mini importation business (all in our ultimate mini importation manual).
  • A startup importation capital {at least 20,000 Naira or its equivalent in other currency}
  • Websites to To buy Cheap Products (Taken Care of in the Training)

People come daily on my Facebook profile to ask if they can buy from China an sell in Nigeria starting from 20k? Do you know what I use to answer them? 20k is actually too much. Yes! I use to say that because I started Mini Importation with absolutely 20k including the cost of goods and shipping fee. Sold few and got my 20k back. This wasn’t the least amount.

My friend who also started in the same period with me used 11k to start Mini Importation and I won’t lie, he became more successful than I could ever imagine.

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Imagine someone buying something at the rate of $0.63 (N200) and selling it at 9500 including free shipping across the country? He actually did that and I give it to him till date. I couldn’t place such products at 5k in my mind but he so much believed himself that he said it will sell and actually sold it.

How to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria the Easiest Way

Nigeria is a fast-growing country in the eCommerce industry. In 2017 Jumia Black Friday Day, it was confirmed over 1m products where purchased online using the open marketplace (Jumia). Therefore, eComm business is a profitable business anyone can do to earn a living, pay bills or school fees.

We all know that buying goods from China is a thing of dealing with suppliers directly and has to be cheaper in terms of pricing. You can buy goods from China worth $10 as low as $5-$0.1/item. This is incredibly true. This is why am writing this content so you too should start buying from China and shipping to Nigeria without custom wahala, questions or ceasing of goods. I believe you should be in doubt by now.


There are two main sites am going to reveal to you here in this post as recommended for shopping from China to Nigeria. These sites are very popular except for those that just knew the internet and what it is all about else you should have known Alibaba.com or Aliexpress.com before. If you have heard about this two website what came into your mind first? I guess buying and selling of goods and services! Yes, that’s right.

Let me explain;

Difference Between Alibaba and Aliexpress

Alibaba is own by a Chinese guy called Alibaba. He’s a multibillionaire in China dominating the e-commerce industry. He owns the most popular e-commerce platforms in China that are popularly used by the whole world. However, that isn’t’ why we are here today.

Aliexpress is a retail store that has to do with buying and selling. The good thing about Aliexpress is that you won’t have any fear of being scammed because it is a retail store, Aliexpress stands as a middleman between you and your supplier. They collect money from buyers, suppliers complete the order and money is released to seller afterwards. However, Alibaba is a wholesale store which has to do with a one on one dealing with suppliers. This means anything you are buying there, payments are managed by their respective suppliers. When you complete a purchase, you should already start praying because too much of fraudsters are out there devouring the platform. This is the reason I am here to help you become a pro mini importer without loss or damages.

Reviews in the past period of time have shown that, people who started importation business through my live video training showing how to import goods from China at a cheaper rate to Nigeria and sell them hire actually confirmed saving up to 50k+. Doubting?

Mini Importation Proof

This is a chat between me and Nicholas Satochi. A popular guy in Crypto biz and Mini Importation. After Launching a training, he decided to purchase the package to add to what he’s got upstairs. Behold, he came back testifying how he saved 47k on shipping cost.

Mini Importation Business

This is a tag from Samuel Bright, a big crypto guy and an Importer. After showing him what and what to do through a live training, he caught it and delivered a business for himself now look at the level of his transactions. Check out the training course here. Have instant access to more than 6 videos to help you run a professional mini importation business.

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How to Import Goods from China to Nigeria

Recently, a friend came to my inbox and asked how he could import goods from China to Nigeria. In my own career as a Mini Importer, I do love to say that buying goods from China to Nigeria is the simplest thing to do. You don’t need a brother, sister, mother or any relation over there before you could make use of the opportunity. However, goods are not given for free. Therefore, the only thing you need is the cash. In my own case as an importer, I buy from top suppliers who are ready to give me even more discount than I expected. You can do that too.

Before you can shop from those top websites that sell at the cheapest rates, you do need to be able to read in Chinese and also have a Chinese bank to aids payments else you haven’t started. also, you do need a forwarding company that will collect your goods from China to Nigeria and also help you in handling some clearing with custom without your concerns.

How do you get all these to start importing? No need to look further the solution has been provided. You don’t have to source for all these before you could start importing. I have put things in place for you. All you have to do is sign up for my one on one training. In this training, I took my time to do a face to face shopping for you to see the process. I also passed all the information you do need to start your Mini Importation business like a PRO. Forget other hypes you hear on the internet that don’t say the truth. I have been doing this for a period and have all the experiences.

Many others bought this training in form of an ebook from others and later on came back to buy my one on one training which they ever confirmed to be saving them money and making them more profit. You too can try and see.

How do you Buy My Mini Importation Pro training?

They are different ways you can pay for this training. You can buy it right on my website for automatic confirmation and instant access to the training paths. Or, you can also pay me via bank transfer to my Access bank account or possibly Check out Pay Me Page Here choose any bank of your choice as listed there and make payments then contact me with Gmail, phone number and Name to receive the invite to the access page.

What will you learn in the Mini Importation Business Training?

I understand what and what you do need to succeed in this Mini Importation business. Above all, you do need God to succeed. After God, they are other physical prices you do need to pay before you could succeed. These things are provided in the training.

  1. The Meaning of Mini Importation
  2. How to Research and Know hot selling products as a newbie (This is secret other importers don’t know)
  3. Some Hot selling products in Nigeria that cost less than $1 and sells at N7500/pieces or more
  4. How to shop in China paying N300/$ instead of N361/$ (secret others don’t know)
  5. Best Shipping Company that Ship from China to Nigeria at $4.5/KG (No other shipping/forwarding company charge as low as this)
  6. How to Receive your Goods at your doorsteps
  7. How to Sell those products without leaving your home/Office
  8. What Facebook Ads is all about
    1. Pro Facebook Ads Targeting
    2. How to get people to order your goods before they arrive in Nigeria
  9. Best Courier Service to Use for efficiency and speed
  10. How to Create a working PayPal account in Nigeria that receives and sends money across the world without limitation
  11. Facebook Messenger chatbot Development from Scratch (Live video)


Some Fast Selling Products in Nigeria you can buy from China Less than $4 and sell more than N7500

Clever Cutter
Clever Cutter cost 500/1 sold at N2500-N5000
  1. Teeth whitening pen
  2. Wax Vac
  3. Stretch Marks Removal Cream (Hot selling)
  4. Fashion for male and female
  5. Beauty Products
  6. Weapons for ladies
  7. Games Consoles
  8. Breast Tightening Cream or Wear
  9. P3 nis Enlargement Cream etc.

You will Get more premium hot selling products when you pay for one on one training with me.

Mini Importation Business Conclusion

Mini Importation business isn’t a business of non-action takers. It’s a business that could make you the next billionaire if you are serious. I have so far trained 21 peoples how to do the business and my happiness is that all these people are already millionaires. I am now starting the next 20 people (B) batch for the training. 

Mini Importation business in Nigeria is the most lucrative business for any startup individual. Either you are a student, civil servant, employ, self-employed or non-employed, Mini Importation is still a business anyone in Nigeria can venture into and end a living with part-time or lucrative income.
You may not need to own an office or register a company in order to get started. You can do that right away!


Note: This is a first-ever Mini Importation training that other importers are yet to understand the secret in order to cut down their expenses. It took me time to make research and got connected to the people who are going to be helping you as you progress. Do not think this is like the fake ebooks you are buying online at 2k or whatever price. They are not sure of what they are selling.

Watch Free Basic Video Training here



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