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17 New Ways to Make Money Online FAST in Nigeria

There are a lot of easiest way of making money on the internet in Nigeria.

In this article am going to be sharing with you guys the latest online money making opportunities you may not have known in Nigeria so you could start making money with your phone or computer for free.

17 Ways to make money online in Nigeria

1) Google Adsense for Publishers

Google Adsense made it to the very top of this list. This is one of the most effective ways of monetizing your blog. It can also be a source of earning for blogs with massive traffic.

A blog that normally has about 1k+ unique visitors daily is likely to earn from about 200-300$ monthly. It all depends on the number of Ad clicks you get from visitors. The more clicks equal more money. You need to study Adsense real well in order to make it huge and expect no ban.

I see people searching daily on Google “how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime” and have never found the results. What could be the search term in other countries? I wonder! And the answer to this question, in general, will be answered. Start with Google Adsense as the primary source of making money online.

Hints: Don’t attempt any black hat earning tips.

2) Sales of Banner Ads Space on your blog

This is the finest way of making money from your Blog. Ads are displayed in form of a picture/banner. With a Blog flooded with a lot of traffic, you get to earn a Lot as many people tend to click on banner ads rather than text ads. You can also get in contact with big brands to place Ads on your website. Popular brands like Forbes, CNN, and even Vanguard do use this technique to make money with their blogs. Is very simple. Play around with your CorelDraw, Photoshop or even use online image creator tool like canva and create head catching image that will draw attention. At first for the start up, you may choose to do this for free other brands will be attracted to contact you. You can be charging payment monthly or weekly.

Hints: Don’t promote too many banner ads at a time (one or two banners at a time)

3) Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

This is where you get to earn from your Blog by selling other products on your Website/blog. You get paid whenever someone gets to buy a product from the Ad you placed.

Some of the well-known Affiliate Programs include:

  • Godaddy Affiliate Program
  • Jumia Affiliate Program
  • Shareasale Affiliate Program
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • WpEngine Affiliate Program
  • HappyThemes Affiliate Program
  • ValuedVoice Affiliate Program
  • Commission Junction Affiliate Program and much more>>>

Hints: Don’t Participate in too much affiliate programs, you may end up promoting them for free. Focus on one or two till result is achieved

4) Offer to Review Products on your blog

Just like you have read different reviews on reviewnetgato, so you can offer to review products for money. Brands want to hear what you have to say about them. They are ready to pay $100s of dollars for you to say something about them. This can fetch you lots of money to cater for your monthly bills and budgets. You can start a review blog in 3 simple steps.

Hints: Don’t advertise products, only recommend for audience

5) Offer Blog Services to Audience

This is by far another easiest way of making money online with your Blog. In this aspects, you get to sell your skills and even earn from a Blog with low traffic. You can go as far as rendering services like writing for someone, selling blog themes, plugins, web/blog design, logo design and a whole lot more. You only need to hustle for clients who are interested in what you have to offer. The more clients you get, the more you get to earn.

Hints: If you don’t have much traffic, use Facebook ads to target your audience

6) Sell your Own Products

If you end up not earning from the methods highlighted above, you can get to selling your own products. It can range from selling of E-books, Customized Blog themes and the rest. It all depends on your Skills. All you have to do is find that which you’re good in and get to monetize it to maximize your Income monthly. With the methods highlighted above, you should now be able to start earning from your Blog.

Hints: Sell relevant product to let your customer coming back and referring others.

7) Make money with CPA networks

Source: earnmoneywithcpaleads blog

Ads networks like CPAleads has %100 potentials of making you rich online. Participate in CPA leads network. This way, you will only ask people to complete a task either by filling an online form, submitting an email, or downloading an app with a targeted country, then you get paid weekly.

Other CPA networks include:

  • Click Dealer
  • Peerfly
  • MaxBounty
  • Panthera
  • CPAMatica
  • Convert2media etc

Hints: Offer relevant e-books and lock them with CPA leads link locker to make more money


8) Take Paid Online Surveys

There are lots of companies looking for people to answer some questions about their products and services and they are ready to pay for this service.

Since they aren’t aware that you need to do this, they go for survey companies to pay for the surveys. You can either make money promoting them or taking paid surveys too. example include:

  1. Clicksense
  3. (US, India, Canada, and UK)
  4. MyPointsSurveys
  5. Swagbucks
  6. (for the US)

Hints: Make sure you read their terms and conditions before joining

9) Offer Sponsored Posts on your blog

Advertisers are looking for opportunities to advertise their own products and services. This is a money making opportunity for you as an influencer. Make it big by offering advertisers to advertise on your blog. Don’t wait till an advertiser contact you alone, but go an extra mile and look for opportunities. Contact them and tell them the reason why they should give you the chance of writing about them. They may also write and send to you. Read a post How to attract advertisers by Maverick Excel.

Hints: Be official while contacting them for sponsorship

10) Promote Music and YouTube on your blog

Source: Google Sites

If you are an entertainment blogger, you don’t need to look far looking for a way to make money online when you have every opportunities to promote upcoming artists music and video clips.

Promote music on your blog and get paid directly to your bank account. You can also use this to make money online with cpaleads and adfly where a searcher would have to complete a task before downloading the music you publish.

Hints: Focus on one category of musical promotion (entertainment/gospel)

11) Create Videos and be a YouTuber

Hello, do you know even without a skill or anything you can make money online through YouTube? Yes, with YouTube you can make massive income through YouTube irrespective of the field you choose to specialize on. Simply create videos even with an Android device, publish them on YouTube and place Google Adsense there and get paid per 1k views or per click.

Hints: Create a brand and avoid copyright to avoid ban

12) Register Domain Names and offer to sell them in the future

This is the most common but secretive way of making money online that many internet marketers will never tell you about or probably they don’t know about it. If you are good at predicting the future or seeing opportunity on related domains, go ahead and claim the right now and in the nearest future, you will be contacted for an offer to buy that domain. For example,, if I could have bought on time Mark, would probably offer me millions of dollars to claim this domain from me. This is a cool way of making money online.

Hints: Register domains that have good predictions and note that .com are better than .org or .net.

13) Buy Expired Domains or still working blogs and sell them in the future

Source: SeoclerksSome bloggers are easily frustrated and will not be able to update their blogs regularly either because of laziness or lack of resources. This usually led them to abandon their blogs to expire or refuse to update them. In this case, they will be ready to collect any amounts you offer to buy their domains. You will make money either by continuing to enjoy already established advertisers or selling the domain in the future.

Hints: Buy domains with good PR value and DA/PA high for better chances

14) Make money online with ads network

Ads networks are CPC, CPM, eCPA, CPA networks that either pay per click or per action or impression. Similar to Google Adsense, you get paid when someone clicks on your own ads and so on.

Popular ads networks include:

  • Propeller ads
  • Adnow ads network
  • Ng adverts (Nigerians)

Hints: Promote only one or two at a time to get maximum earnings

Other Online Money Making Ideas

15) Make Money with Crypto Currency (Trade Bitcoins)

Source: CoinDesk

Crypto currency is a digital currency that allows trading in any form and is widely accepted by all countries. It has potentials of becoming rich working online.

Is easier to start making money with Bitcoins and other digital currencies. To start with bitcoins, simply open an eWallet>>>purchase Bitcoin to fund your wallet>>>wait for the value to rise high>>> then sell it and make interest. By this way, you will be able to settle some of your bills and leave large.

You can also search online “how to start trading Bitcoins” for better clarification on this.

Hints: Join WhatsApp groups that have different internet marketers and bloggers to reach better influencers on time

16) Make Money Online Freelancing


This is a common way to make money online for those who got talents or skills that are interested in different ways. Business owners and others go on a daily basis searching services in different kinds intending to hire. You can promote yourself and let people contact you for a service. Just like me, I go to Fiverr and seoclerks to sell my services and when I’m been ordered, I complete the job and get paid through PayPal and Payoneer.

If you don’t have a paypal account in any country and having problems creating one, please contact me for assistance or leave your comment on this post and i will contact you.

Buy my course on how to make your first $100/day with Freelancing

Hints: Browse around to know the services that are trending and take examples.

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17) Make money online writing Articles

Are you geeky in writing? Do you have good writing skills? Do you have what it takes to convince a client through your writing? Then this is a great way to make money online sitting at home. Look for a website with high authority, contact them for this opportunity. The good thing is you can also sell your articles through freelancing site like Fiverr, Seoclerks, and peopleperhour.

Do you want to learn how to write better copies that sells like crazy on the web? Then grab my ebook on how to write like the experts

Hints: Don’t submit duplicate or irrelevant content to the webmaster. It can ruin your career

Wrap up.

These are the current ways you can make money online in any country including Nigeria. In case we find out another genuine way, we will update this article.

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