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Interserver Vs Namecheap Review 2021: Detailed Side by Side Comparison

In this post, I'm going to show you a detailed Interserver vs Namecheap review of the best hosting company to use among these two using my 5 years of experience with these two companies. Just pay attention.

When it comes to hosting, you should never compromise your choice because it, directly and indirectly, affects your overall online business journey.

When I first started blogging in 2014, I was using and later in 2015/2016 I started web development and relied on Namecheap to host all my websites and customers’ websites not until 2018 when I was introduced to Interserver by a friend.

After carefully going through Interserver’s sales page, compared all the features with Namecheap side-by-side, I decided to maintain two hosting accounts with these two companies for sometimes.

Along the line, I saw every reason to move all my websites to Interserver including my clients managed websites.

I did that without regrets and it’s been a sweet experience all the way and in this post, I’m going to show you step by step differences and most reasons I had to move to Interserver for good.

Interserver vs Namecheap Review 2021: Difference Between Them

 Namecheap is a very good and reliable company especially when it comes to customer service and domain registration and transfers.

It makes the process seamless. Whereas Interserver is best when it comes to hosting unlimited websites, customer service and other benefits not offered by Namecheap and in this review, we’re going to find out everything.

1. Prices

Namecheap shared hosting prices start from $2.88/month for a plan of 20GB SSD storage that hosts up to 3 websites.

This plan is also alleged to be having unlimited bandwidth but when I used it on my small blog that was getting 250 organic visitors per day, my site will start showing “508 Resource Limit Reached” error and this, I lose potential customers. So, it’s obviously not unlimited bandwidth.

Whenever I contact Namecheap, they won’t be clear with their replies on what resource I’m really consuming that is making my site experience that kind of error.

I was forced to upgrade to stellar plus which is $58 per year. After upgrading, I didn’t experience such error for quite sometimes, not until I added two more websites which weren’t getting up to 2k page views per day and the same error persisted.

While Interserver unlimited shared hosting prices start from $5/month and $4 when you’re paying annually.

Also on pricing, Namecheap prices are not locked. Which means if you purchased a hosting plan at $33 this year, next renewal when the economy goes rogue and they decide to increase their plan to $50 per year, this will also affect you as an old customer.

Whereas, with Interserver, $5 per month is $5 no changes. Either they start charging $20 per month tomorrow, you’re still going to pay that $5 per month as long as that account continue to exist. This is called price lock-in.

This is important because you’ll have a rest of mind that your hosting renewal is $33 and no economic recession or exchange rate that can change that.

2. SSL Certificate

Namecheap offers the only first year of free SSL for all your domains and you’ll be required to renew for each domain every year at $5.88 per year while Interserver offers FREE SSL certificates to all your websites for the life of your account with them.

And it’s automatically activated anyways for both so you don’t have to manually install the certificate.

3. Storage Space

When it comes to storage space, Interserver is better than Namecheap again.

Interserver boost plan which is supposed to compete with Namecheap stellar plus has 400,000 Inodes (File uploading number) while Namecheap comes with 300,000 and can even be limited when compared.

However, both come with 2GB physical memory which you can upgrade to boost 2 to get 4GB physical memory and 800,000 Inodes with Interserver or stellar business with Namecheap.

  Interserver Namecheap
Hosting Plan Boost Stellar Plus
Inodes 400,000 300,000
Memory 2GB 2GB
Number of Processes 100 200
Price $5/mon $5/mon

4. Customer Service

Whenever it comes to customer service, Namecheap has always been the best with their standby 24/7 customer service team ever ready to attend to you.

However, Interserver is not left out in this aspect. It also offers premium customer service to all customers and intending customers which complement their overall hosting service.

Most of the services Interserver and Namecheap provide for free are paid for on Bluehost and some other high costs hosting companies.

Here's a detailed Interserver vs Namecheap Comparison side-by-side

  Interserver Namecheap
Hosting Plan Boost Stellar Plus
Inodes 400,000 300,000
Memory 2GB 2GB
Number of Processes 100 200
Entry Process 30 30
Diskspace Unlimited Undetermined
Bandwidth Unlimited Undetermined
Number of websites Unlimited Unlimited
IOPS 1024 1024
Price / month $5 $5
Price/year $48 $57.88
How to Buy Get Interserver Get Namecheap

Overall, Interserver is the best hosting company for all your websites because, compared to my experience with Namecheap, Namecheap is indirectly unspecific with their hosting features.

It’s only when you purchase their hosting and start facing 508 resource limit errors that you’ll be asked to upgrade to Stellar business and from Stellar business, you’ll be asked to upgrade to VPS.

I think hosting shouldn't be like that. It should be stated clearly and what you see is what you get and this is exactly what I think Interserver has done for me in the time pasts.

Currently, with my Interserver boost 2, I have hosted more than 20 websites on the same hosting plan where I constantly send Facebook paid traffic to which Namecheap could not handle for me.

Interserver hosting vs Namecheap

It makes it possible for me to save money and still host all my websites. However, I have more than 18 domains with Namecheap and I don’t see any reason why I should register a domain with another registrar except Namecheap.

I asked a few persons whom I know use Namecheap before but later moved to Interserver, and they gave their individual reviews and overall, I decided to share my friend's questionnaire which is more relatable. His name is  Prosper Noah.

Prosper is a 6 figure affiliate marketer and Pro blogger who rely on massive traffic to make money online and let’s hear what he got to say in his review.

Hi Prosper, You were using Namecheap VPS to host your websites before after being forced to upgrade from stellar plus to business and finally to VPN. How was your overall experience like?

Well, I moved to and have been using Namecheap since 2017, that's about 3 years now… Never really faced difficulties, coupled with the superfast customer support!

They are a good hosting company.

You recently moved from Namecheap to Interserver. Why did you do that and how is your experience so far with Interserver?

It got to the point where I had no choice but to move to Interserver…

The reason was due to how I was forced to upgrade my hosting to a higher plan, till the point I paid over $30 monthly consecutively for 6 months…

Why? They said my site was getting lots of traffic that my current hosting plan couldn't handle…

I wasn't happy with paying such a huge amount monthly but there was nothing I could do until I got to know about Interserver via my friend…

Now, I pay $5 monthly with Interserver and haven't faced issues since then..

Am happy with this, plus as an internet marketer who create courses and stuff, I recommend all my customers to use Interserver

It's not just cheap but very reliable!

Among the 2 web hosting companies, which one will you recommend to your audience and what is the overall reason for that choice?

I'll recommend Interserver if one really plans to go far with their online business…

You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for hosting your site… And above all, you can host multiple domains…

Cool stuff!

Thank you prosper for your time and comments.


So you see, that was Prosper, a friend and a 6 figure affiliate marketer.

Interserver is best for Hosting unlimited websites both yours and clients own if you’re a web developer.

Get Started with Interserver

Namecheap is best for buying all your domains at cheap prices and makes it easy to transfer domains within accounts and transfer from other registrars to Namecheap.

Get Started with Namecheap

Overall, both companies are top-notch in customer service and know what they are doing.


In this review, you’ve learned that Interserver is my overall top hosting company compared to Namecheap and with this review, you should be able to make your choice of hosting company right away.

You can get Namecheap here or Interserver here. Both links contain my affiliate links and when you make a purchase as a new customer, I’ll be given a commission at no extra cost to you. Read full affiliate disclaimer here.

Now your turn. What hosting company are you using for your website(s)? Let me hear from you.


Awogor Matthew
Awogor Matthew
Hello, I'm Awogor Matthew. I'm a creator, Digital Marketing Strategist and part time web designer at Sendfix Digitals. I'm the owner of this blog you are reading here and I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that enable "us" earn a living online. The online ecosystm is big enough to create a space for you and I. So, connect with on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Awogor Matthew
Awogor Matthew
Hello, I'm Awogor Matthew. I'm a creator, Digital Marketing Strategist and part time web designer at Sendfix Digitals. I'm the owner of this blog you are reading here and I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that enable "us" earn a living online. The online ecosystm is big enough to create a space for you and I. So, connect with on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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  1. Nice and insightful post on InterServer vs Namecheap Comparison.

    I have few questions to ask regarding InterServer and if possible will like you to update this post or create a detailed post on.

    1. What if I purchase domain name from another registrar, will I still get the free SSL certificate from InterServer? If yes, howcan the certificate be installed?

    2. How can I correctly connectmy purchased web hosting with InterServer to Free Cloudfare CDN ?

    1. Hi Fidels, thanks for the questions about Interserver.

      And to answer your questions;

      1 a). Even though you purchased a domain with Interserver or not, as far as you have hosting plan with them, you’re covered with FREE SSL for the life of your account

      1b). You don’t need to do anything after installing WordPress or any other CMS or files. Sometimes due to DNS propagations or caching errors, your site might still be showing unprotected error. If that be the case, all you have to do is install the plugin called “Really Simple SSL“, activate it and that’s all.

      2. When your site is live on Interserver, you can head over to and signup for a paid or free account. When you enter your domain, whatever dns they give you, update your domain name servers to the ones they provided. Nothing more to do and that’s all.


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