List of Hot Selling Products for Mini Importation and Dropshipping

List of Fastest Selling Products For Mini Importation and Dropshipping in Nigeria

Do you want to start either a mini importation or dropshipping business in Nigeria and wondering what the current hot selling products are for your business? You probably would have come to the crossroad where you have to choose the fastest selling product for mini importation and dropshipping in 2020. Well, now you have it. 

In this article, I'm going to literally share with you a comprehensive list of best products to import from China to Nigeria and start selling instantly and all you have to do is pay adequate attention to this post and read word for word.

This point can be quite confusing yet quintessential. It is important to discover profitable, hot-selling products before you set out to begin the business. 

Failing to identify the right products to sell while taking profitability and demand will hamper ok the success of your business. 

There is nothing doubt that mini importation and dropshipping are truly profitable businesses. Once you get the fundamentals right which includes getting hot-selling products, you have begun etching yourself a place where you make six figures seamlessly. 

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In this article, we're going to focus on just (3) three goals and that is to show you hot selling products for mini importation and dropshipping, fast selling products on Jumia, and the best products to import from China to Nigeria.

There is so much value you stand to gain from this piece. You are about to find the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of scaling your income using mini importation and dropshipping. 

So, what are the hot selling products for mini importation and dropshipping you should import? Find out below. 

7 Fastest Selling Products for Mini Importation and Dropshipping in 2020

Here's a comprehensive list of high in-demand, hot-selling products you can literally start importing from China and Selling in Nigeria and make more money right away in 2020. 

  1. Phones and Accessories
  2. Cosmetics and Jewelry 
  3. Home Utensils 
  4. Shoes 
  5. Bags 
  6. Clothing Products 
  7. Waist Trainers 
  8. Human Hairs and Wigs

Above are the top hottest list of products that have been selling in Nigeria faster than any other since 2018 and below we are going to break them down.

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Importation business is absolutely one of the best and hottest businesses for anyone in Nigeria or Ghana since everything and anything in Africa is imported from China. Good news is anyone can start a mini importation business irrespective of your current engagement of job.

Phones and Accessories 

Fastest selling products for mini importation business

In a digital age such as ours, everyone wants to own a smartphone and a couple of other accessories. From old people to young persons, the need for phones and accessories is growing. 

Just recently, my brothers of age 15 and 13 were arguing over who should use the phone I kept after I bought a new one. My Mom on the other hand complains about how she needs to be on WhatsApp.

This shows that everyone needs a phone. You can get very cheap phones and accessories and sell them at a high price. 

Cosmetics and Jewelry

Fastest selling products for mini importation business and dropshipping

With the rate of people starting their own makeup and makeover businesses, it is commonplace for cosmetics and Jewelry to be among hot-selling products. 

Like two sides of a coin, we can not separate ladies today and cosmetics and Jewelry. By going into cosmetics, you have a large audience to sell to.

Basically, your cosmetics should be solution-based, body corrector, stretch marks removers etc.

Home Utensils 

Fastest selling products for mini importation business and dropshipping

From stoves to knives to spoons to pot to electric heaters to toasters to dishwashers to microwave ovens to blenders and so on, home utensils are important tools to make our domestic work easy. 

There is never a time when these utensils would not be needed. And if you are looking for the perfect audience to pitch, look for newly wedded couples and well to do families. 

Other audiences to pitch includes caterers, restaurants, eateries and the likes. Since you would be buying these utensils at a low price, you can still make a profit if you sell a little lower than the actual market value. It is all a game of economics and convincing marketing. 


hot selling products for mini importation business and dropshipping

Notice that Nigerians have become obsessed with shoes and the obsession knows no gender or age. Both men and women, young and old, are obsessed about owning good shoes. 

Shoemakers and designers have also contributed to the obsession with the amazing design and quality of the shoes they produce come in. 

You can buy one of the many amazing shoes in vogue today for as low as N1500 and sell them for as high as N6000 or more. And because it is not onions or any perishable good, you are sure of getting 100 per cent ROI. 


hot selling products for mini importation business and dropshipping

A bag that fits into every outfit would surely be the desire of every woman. They all want something for every occasion and for every cloth they have. 

I remember how my coursemate troubles me on what bag fits her outfit perfectly before we head for lectures. And of course, she jumps at every opportunity to add to her collection of bags.

This is the story everywhere. For ladies of all ages, a good bag is like icing on the cake and they would pay handsomely when you show them quality products. 

Clothing Products

Fashion is one phenomenon that can never end. From centuries before now it has remained and constantly metamorphosed to what we have now. 

Everyone wants to look good. And like the saying goes, looking good is good business. This saying applies to both the person selling fashion products and the buyer. 

We all must get dressed as no one would want to go out without any piece of clothing and this makes the clothing products niche very profitable. 

I have a friend who's always complaining about his lack of money. Some weeks back, he stumbled on dropshipping and began to sell thrift clothing. 

The good news is that he has not had the chance to come to me for financial assistance anymore. That's how profitable this business can be. 

Waist Trainers 

Once again we have a market for the young women folk. Every woman wants to have that perfect figure. They want their clothes to reveal the contours and edges they have got. 

Sadly, bad eating habits and excess fats hinder the revelation of their figures. To this end, many have resorted to green tea and other dieting habits.

Soon the focus shifted to waist trainers. These waist trainers provide a faster but painful way to get their bodies into shape. Regardless of the pain, the results are great and they are purchasing it en masse. 

6 Best Products To Import From China to Nigeria 

Dropshipping can be done with manufacturers from Nigeria but mini importation refers to import products from China. The following are some of the best products to import from China to Nigeria today with proven results: 

  1. Educational toys
    1. Flying helicopters
    2. toy bicycles
    3. kid cars
    4. games
    5. Education tablets
    6. e.t.c
  2. Fashion products
    1. Wristwatches
    2. Clothes
    3. Artificial hairs
    4. Jewelry
  3. Electronic gadgets 
  4. Household utensils
  5. Phones, laptops, and computer accessories 
  6. Car electronics 

If you are looking forward to using Jumia for your mini importation business, check out this list of fast selling products on Jumia. 

5 Fast Selling Products on Jumia 

  1. Headphones and Fast Chargers
  2. Fashion (Shoes, clothes and bags)
  3. Phones
  4. Wooden Wristwatches
  5. Laptop Backpacks 
  6. E-readers 
  7. Educational toys


I believe you now have a clue as to what products you should sell if you want to begin your mini importation or dropshipping business. 

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