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Clickup vs Monday Best Project management software

ClickUp vs Monday Review: Best Project Management Software of 2020

Looking for a new project management tool or software for your team? Does your team need to switch between management tools and you are at loss for what tool would be right, serve, and meet your needs. Do not sweat it anymore. We have reviewed two essential management tools, versus

Our review will help you out of the dilemma of the right tool to make use of as we've properly tested both ClickUp vs Monday vs Trello vs Asana and can categorically decide which two are top two which we are going to give a more detailed review on this article.

One of the many factors that are attributed to the growth and success of every establishment and business is the ease with which the workforce of the business undertakes, manages, and completes projects.

Big companies and start-ups alike are faced with the challenges of handling projects within the workspace.

The tools discussed in this article will help your team effectively manage the workload they have got to contend with. and are great choices as compared to other competitors and yet less known by many. When trying to make a choice between a comparison of tools, it's difficult to spot the best decision without testing both software. This post reveals the better between the two options.

We have analyzed the points that make them similar and the differences they share. Also, we have independently discussed the features of each management tool and given our verdict on the best pick for you and your team.

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Our recommendation: ClickUp is certainly a better alternative to One feature that makes a nice choice is its sleek, easy-to-use, and user-friendly interface.

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Why Do We Choose Over

A lovely interface is great but it is not all that makes for a great management tool.

We choose ClickUp because it offers more features and functionalities than In fact, it's a one software that replaces all productivity apps that you'll ever need to manage your business in one place.

There are a lot of things you can do with ClickUp that would be unable to match. It is a great management tool thanks to its FREE package.

If you are a start-up, probably on a shoestring budget, and unable to pay for a management tool, then ClickUp will suffice for your team. This makes it outstanding yet offering undisputed features that boost your entire team's performance.

Maybe, you do not understand any of the things I have been saying, trying to compare these tools. Let's discuss what these tools are before we delve into their differences, similarities, and our verdict.

Care to rush your curiosity? Then you can quickly jump inside and start using Clickup.

What is and a Complete Review 2020

As a tool for managing projects, assigning tasks and automation, helps your team to initiate plans, interact with each other, check and review progress, and write reports on the project's results while automating the process with a maximum reminders system.

The tool comes in handy for businesses and individuals who are in search of solutions for project management.

The cloud-based management platforms allow teams to create workflow apps but the least number of users allowed is 5. Although there are plans that allows up to 100 users without closing your bank and below we're going to talk about some of the key features in app.

Features of

The only feature that makes to be preferred over ClickUp and other management tools is its easy-to-use, straightforward interface.

A new user can seamlessly find their way through the tool without needing help from a third-party. However, offers users the following features:

  • Activity Logging
  • PipeDrive Integration
  • Tags & Keywords
  • Time tracking by Project
  • Email Updates
  • Automation
  • Due Date Tracking
  • Customizable Fields
  • Execution Board
  • Visual Progress Display
  • Workflow Management
  • …And more

Tasks are displayed in a list form with color-coding to indicate the progress and status of each task, set due dates and assign tasks to team members with a single click, comments and so much more.

For example, you can color-code a task to show that you have not started working on it, you are working on it, or you are done with it. You can also assign different tasks to different team members which monitor the progress and get all automated updates via email when status changes, comments are made, mentions or inboxes etc.

With Monday, chatting with team members is seamless replacing your regular social media communication to make your tasks more focused and result oriented.

For more personalization and customization, has a mobile app that extends functionalities helping you view your tasks, track progress, and complete projects. Pricing

Subscription to begins at a monthly fee of $39.00. The tool offers a free trial for 14 days and you can make use of this trial without submitting your credit card details.

There are four pricing categories that are dependent on the number of users that make up your workforce.

The minimum amount of users on a team is five. The following are the pricing categories offered by

Basic Plan – $39:

This basic plan comes with a 5GB storage space, basic features, more than 20 column types, unlimited boards, and free views.

If your team is not too large or you just need a tool that will give you straightforward features to manage your workforce, then this might be okay for you.

Standard Plan – $49:

More integrations, advanced search, and a 50GB storage space. This plan lets your team integrate timeline, calendar, maps, and Zoom.

Pro Plan – $79:

Unlimited file storage and almost all the features has got to offer. You can add private boards, chart view, formula columns, and much more.

Enterprise Plan:

The enterprise plan is for very bigger and larger companies. The plan comes with on-request customizations and pricing is determined on that basis.

Project Management

To properly manage your projects, this tool lets you create boards for each project.

In each board, you can add and group tasks taking each task one after the other until the project is complete.

On completing a project, you can share the outcome using data sourced from multiple projects and also share reports with others.


A cool feature from is the communication channel. Members of your team can communicate with each other, add comments, mention colleagues, and upload documents. You get the very experience Facebook offers only in a work environment. Integrations

The apps your team members use on a daily basis to get their task done can be connected and information integrated with

As they work with other apps, they can easily connect the apps with and not have to manually transfer important details. The following apps can be used integrated with the following applications:

Google DriveGoogle Calendar
Microsoft OutlookBox
Microsoft ExcelBitBucket
Microsoft OneDrivePagerDuty
A table showing all the current third-party integration.

Accessibility can be accessed from your computer device or mobile phone. Stay up-to-date as other members make and add changes using any device at your disposal.

Who Should Use

If you operate any of the following, is a tool you can try:

  • Large corporations
  • Non-profit groups
  • Freelancing
  • Small and medium-sized enterprise
  • Public administrations Cons.
Easy to useCannot be compared to ClickUp in terms of features
Seamless creation of reports and projectsHas no free plan
Customizable dashboardNo budget friendly plans
Pre designed templatesNo time management system
Table showing an in-depth pros and cons of

In Summary, is a good platform to use for project management and should be considered but wait, let's look at a detailed review of Review 2020: What is ClickUp All About?

ClickUp is an app that made the perfect solution for many other management tools. As it's KSP said, “One App to Replace them all” Clickup replaces all the apps you'll ever need to run a successful workforce. 

The app readily offers the features you will find in other tools such as project management, events, emails, screenshots, spreadsheets, to-do lists, reminders, time tracking, and recording.

Your team will find ClickUp just too perfect for their project creation, implementation, and completion. 

The free plan from ClickUp generally makes it better than and other management alternative tools. Now you're beginning to understand why we earlier gave you a head-up for our choice. 

Key Features of ClickUp App

We recommend ClickUp primarily because of the free plan it offers which offers more features than it's competitors paid plans. As a start-up or company running on a budget, you may not have enough funds to spare on management tools. 

With ClickUp, you enjoy lifetime access for FREE, so you do not have to worry about budgeting for tools and focus on more productive activities.

Therefore, here are some of the known features that made ClickUp to standout in the industry.

  1. Client Management 
  2. Chrome-like Tabs
  3. Bug Tracking
  4. Fully Customizable 
  5. Data Import/Export 
  6. Document Management 
  7. File Sharing 
  8. Idea Management
  9. Email Notifications
  1. Image Comments and Mockups
  2. Multi-task management 
  3. Product Roadmapping
  4. Risk Management 
  5. Workflow Automation
  6. Testing/QA Management 
  7. Support for Scrum, Waterfall, Kanban, and Agile
  8. Time Management and Tracking
  9. And so much more.

The view options on ClickUp are simply excellent. They offer users with up to 8 different view options for efficient project management and tasks organization.

Users can also create custom statuses for each project, edit, color, and reorder them. These make the entire workflow process to be seamless and stress-free. On top of everything, ClickUp still makes it possible to import your data from other competitors like Monday, Trello to their platform so you never miss anything behind if you are migrating. Pricing Plans

Clickup Pricing Plans

This is another exciting aspect that makes ClickUp a recommended choice – pricing. They offer two pricing models. 

At ClickUp, you can sign up for lifetime access for free or pay a monthly subscription fee

The free lifetime access is great for start-ups and enterprises who do not have much workload but need a virtual management tool. 

The ClickUp free tool comes with: 

  • 100MB storage 
  • Unlimited task and 
  • Unlimited users. 

With unlimited tasks and users, you can add every member of your workforce, create as many tasks as possible, and accomplish projects without paying a dime. 

The only problem I have with the free pricing model from ClickUp is the storage space which is just 100MB although still fair for individuals. 

To make the best of the ClickUp free model, your team members would not upload files and documents just create projects and tasks. 

It will suffice as you try and grow your business.

As your business grows with more managerial needs, you can opt for any of ClickUp's pricing plans which includes unlimited, business, and enterprise. 

Unlimited Plan – $5/$9: 

The price for the unlimited plan is either $5 or $9. Each user is billed $5/month if they pay for the entire year upfront while they will be billed $9/month when they are paying monthly. The features from the ClickUp unlimited plan offers the following:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited report creation
  • Unlimited views
  • Goals
  • Portfolios
  • Custom fields
  • 1000 Automations/month
  • Guests and permission

Business Plan – $9/$19: 

Users will be billed $9/month when they pay for the subscription fee for the year. Resorting to paying the subscription fee monthly would incur a cost of $19. All the features of the unlimited plan are present in the business plan including the following:

  • Custom exporting
  • Private, protected, and default views
  • Workload
  • All dashboard widgets 
  • Extra guests
  • Goal folders
  • 2FA and Google Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • 10,000 Automations per month

Enterprise Plan: 

To get the cost of this plan, you will need to contact Sales at ClickUp and discuss customization details. On the basis of your customized needs, pricing will be told you. The enterprise plan consists of all the features present in the unlimited and business plan including the following:

  • Contract review & HIPAA
  • Custom onboarding
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Advanced permissions
  • 100,000 Automations per month
  • Increased API limits
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

ClickUp allows the use of quite a number of calendar tools. You can use calendars from Outlook, Google, and Apple on ClickUp. 

You can set timers on tasks that are needed to be completed at specific time ranges using the Pomodoro timer. 

Collaboration is fully functional using ClickUp. Your team members will find tools to help them interact and collaborate with each other well.  

Users can tag each other to tasks, discuss projects, save their discussions, and leave comments where necessary.

Another salient feature on the app is “Profiles”. Profiles allow your team members to observe the progress of other team members.

This can help them monitor and see what others are working on providing a synergy between your workforce. 

With Pulse mode, you can see the persons who are online and what they are working on. Making it look like your workplace's social media platform.

Task Management 

One feature every member of your team looks out for in a management tool is task management. 

How efficiently they can create and organize tasks in order to complete projects. ClickUp outranks on in this regard. 

The ClickUp platform helps users create tasks, filter through them, set recurring tasks, reorder tasks, and make important changes to each task. 

This is made possible courtesy of the sophisticated interface that the app provides.


Like, ClickUp allows users to connect several popular platforms. Some of which are:

ClickUp Integrations
Google DriveDropbox
YouTubeMicrosoft Outlook
Google SheetsBuffer
AlexaGoogle Home
Lambda TestBitBucket
Microsoft OneDriveZapier
SlackGoogle Calendar


Android and iOS users alike are capable of running the ClickUp app. ClickUp works on a variety of devices and it is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Who Should Use ClickUp?

The following can make use of ClickUp:

  1. Large corporations
  2. Non-profit groups 
  3. Freelancers
  4. Small and medium-sized enterprise
  5. Public administrations Cons
More features than monday.comTechnical help may be needed to fully customize
Improved communicationMight be difficult for newbies
Free Templates for any Project
Different view types on app
Free lifetime access

How to get ClickUp?

The entire ClickUp team will be so happy to have you on board. I have used ClickUp to assign different tasks to a lot of teammates and have no doubt you'd love it too when you start using it.

Similarities Between ClickUp and

Even though they are different management tools, ClickUp and still share some similarities that are worthy of note. They include:

  • Integration of calendars from Google, Apple, and Outlook
  • Provision of mobile apps
  • Easy-to-use interface and customizable dashboards
  • Project management and interaction between team members
  • View the online status of others and the tasks they are working on

Our Verdict – ClickUp or

It is true that both ClickUp and are great management tools,  the better of the two is ClickUp, this we have tried to explain in the course of the review. 

From our review, you would see that both of these tools share a lot of similarities. 

There is only one feature that may make a choice for your team instead of ClickUp and that is its easy-to-understand interface.

The interface can be understood easily and you can start making use of it without needing any form of help while ClickUp, on the other hand, may need you to get some support before you can fully appropriate and begin to use the tools present in the app and that is because of many advanced features it offers.

Aside from this, ClickUp is a better tool. It offers more features and functionalities than

There are so many features in ClickUp such that you may have trouble deciding which tool to make use of. 

Also, support from ClickUp representative is 24/7 round the clock but at, users are not assured such access. 

From all indications, the better option between ClickUp and is ClickUp. If for anything but for the free plan, support, and cool features, I would choose ClickUp over

Wrapping Up ClickUp vs Monday Review

Monday has a good and straightforward interface but the entire features for a full plan is like half of what Clickup lifetime free plan offers.

With all the features listed above about ClickUp in comparison with, we are so happy to say that ClickUp is our best option beyond every reasonable doubt and it fits any team size with budget-friendly features to manage a team workforce as it suites your needs.

Awogor Matthew
Awogor Matthew
Hello, I'm Awogor Matthew. I'm a creator, Digital Marketing Strategist and part time web designer at Sendfix Digitals. I'm the owner of this blog you are reading here and I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that enable "us" earn a living online. The online ecosystm is big enough to create a space for you and I. So, connect with on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Awogor Matthew
Awogor Matthew
Hello, I'm Awogor Matthew. I'm a creator, Digital Marketing Strategist and part time web designer at Sendfix Digitals. I'm the owner of this blog you are reading here and I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that enable "us" earn a living online. The online ecosystm is big enough to create a space for you and I. So, connect with on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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