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Cheapest way to ship to Nigeria from USA

Cheapest Way to Ship to Nigeria from US, China and UK 2019

Sometimes you feel you want to shop and ship your products or parcels to Nigeria and here's a complete guide on the Cheapest way to cheap to Nigeria from the USA, China and the UK without custom wahala or tax issues.

Are you a resident in Nigeria and wish to start Mini Importation Business or maybe you want to just buy good and quality products from China, USA, UK and Canada yourself so you could have enough savings? Then, I have provided the solution in this article how to ship from other countries to Nigeria at the cheapest rate.

Shipping from the US to Nigeria is one of the biggest challenges many who planned to start Mini importation are having or many who are into the business already are facing. Everyone wants to use good and quality products which in turns are very rare in our country. Therefore, the need to buy them from developed and policy-driven countries like the US is very important.

If you are also a single shopper and want to buy your goods such as fashion, electronics, cell phones and accessories, Xbox, play stations, game consoles, machinery, furniture, Music Products etc directly from the US, China or Uk, then you don't need anything serious neither a license to do that. You can sit right in your room and shop across the whole world. But the goods wouldn't just fly and meet you in your doorsteps.

In a situation where you are shopping in a country that doesn't regard we Nigerians thereby shipping things we shop directly with us in Nigeria, how do you handle that? Should we refrain from shopping from them? The big question can be answered as NO. That is why I am writing this article to clear your doubt on how you can do that right in your room.

Types of Shipping (Air Cargo, Sea Cargo)

There are a lot of shipping companies that can help ship your products to Nigeria. But they are obviously too many scammers in the business who may end up not delivering your goods to you but rather bringing some funny stories that will keep you thinking if you made the right decision shopping from this megacities.

I haven't been victimized by such incident, but with similar reports I got from some few people, they are some companies you use in forwarding your goods and then they will not deliver it to you in Nigeria. Most a times, they will always claim a custom have seized those goods.

It's obvious that a trusted shipping company helping her customers to ship is not likely been compelled to impound their goods but these gullible scammers will always form a story of custom wahala.

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Basically, they are two types of shipping. We have Cargo shipping by SEA and Cargo by Air. Depending on the company you are using, Cargo by air is the fastest that enable your goods to arrive in less than 3 days but quite expensive for traders.

If you are shopping for personal use, this shipping method is cool because you aren't gonna lose anything here. But if you are shipping as a trader, then I will advise you go for Sea cargo which usually takes from 7 days to 30 days.

Shipping Goods from the USA to Nigeria

The United States of America is a popular country with quality assured products that one can buy and enjoy the quality in Nigeria. If you are into mini importation or wish to Start Mini Importation Business in Nigeria, or you want to learn how to shop from the country to Nigeria just for your personal use, then you can still learn this. this is to inform you that is 100% easier to shop and ship from the US to Nigeria in any quantity without custom asking you why.

I have two packages for you. Either, I help you to shop for anything from the US you want from any store (, or any other) and you will receive your goods in Nigeria.

The second option is that I will help teach you how to shop from the US, UK and China and after undergoing this training, you will be able to shop from US, UK, and China without any problem and pay shipping cost 80% cheaper than any other one.

If you want to sign up for this training, click here. You can sign up and pay online securely using your credit/debit/master/visa Card powered by Paystack and have instant access to the video. Or, pay to any of my account stated here after which you will need to contact me to confirm your payments and give you access to the training paths.

Shipping Goods from Nigeria to the USA

All things being equal, do you know you can also ship goods from Nigeria to the United States of America? Cool right? yes of course. As a Nigeria with many raw materials we have and other Ankara cloths we make in Nigeria, foreigners are always very interested to use those products, if you have an opportunity to supply those goods to the US, then the opportunity has been provided for anyone who wants to start Mini Exportation. Buy my video course here to learn how.

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