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Can I Still Make Money Online as a Blogger?

I’ve got this question a couple of times from different bloggers and sometimes, I wonder the kind of answer they do require from me. Should it be a simple “YES” or “NO” If someone can still make money online with their blogs or just something different?

Perhaps a deeper background on how to make money online with a blog actually right? Well, there’s no impossibility in anything one put their minds to do. Sometimes, it may take a while but the results will eventually come around as you continue with the struggles.

Well, if it’s the simple yes or no answer these set of people wants from me, the answer is a “YES” but how? You know, some questions are not just right to answer without knowing the context. If it’s possible to make money online as a blogger the next question should probably be, how?

Making money online requires a lot of experience to eventually land on your life-changing big idea that will disrupt your industry. Sometimes, people want to go through the challenges doing A/B testing, trial and errors, lot of unnecessary spending and all that before they finally land their perfect idea while some take the shortcuts with their money to achieve what could have taken them 2-5 years to achieve.

I mean, whatever path one decides to take, it doesn't really matter. The experience is all worthwhile after all.

One good thing about trying every single idea before landing your big opportunity is you'll have a lot of experience on the long run, spend a lot of cash and sometimes get disappointed but the wins always overshadow the loses.

I mean, I was there before right and I know how furious I was investing all my salary in blogging thinking I could make money faster but it all turned out I was investing wrongly and not on the right directions.

Had I known, the little I was investing in buying different domains I never had a clue about what to do with them, I'd have used them to purchase a masterclass, a course, a mentorship program or an eBook I could use as leverage for my next move. But no. I bluntly spent much of my time researching, trying, reading and studying so one day I could achieve that which I desire in the journey of blogging.

So, with that being said, in this post, I'll attempt to answer this common question of “Can I still make money online as a blogger in Nigeria and then how to actually make money online?”. So, let's get it done.

Thinking man about blogging

The correct answer to this question is “YES” you can still make money online as a blogger in Nigeria with your blog through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, information marketing, professional services, Google Adsense etc.

Blogging itself is a business and requires adequate planning ahead of time and taking chances to stay ahead of your competitors. The competition in blogging is ridiculously high with every Tom, Dick and Harry going into the game.

In order to make it legitimately, one has to be one step ahead of their competitors. although, not all bloggers are real bloggers and not all bloggers are actually business bloggers or perhaps not all that can manage the business of blogging for a period of 1 year. The heat only favours those who endure.

How to Start a Profitable Blog From Scratch and Make Money From It In Nigeria

So, here're my recommended steps to starting a profitable blog from scratch that makes you money to pay your bills. As this post is not intended for starting a blog from beginning to finishing but for those who might already know what blogging is and perhaps have a domain.

If you're New to Blogging, click the button below to learn how to start a profitable blog from scratch plus bonuses from my previous Live webinar.

Discover Your Audience

Client avatar, customer profile, ideal customer – call it whatever you want, but be SPECIFIC with the audience you want to focus on providing solutions for. The market demand is extremely high in every sector but you literally cannot serve everyone.

For instance, my blog target audience is Nigerians aged 18-45 who want to make money online by developing and monetizing their online-based skills whatsoever it is.

This way, I'm just at the right time researching and developing content that interests them and serves a purpose in their lives. It gives me the control to use of language, right CTAs and much more benefits.

Targeting the wrong audience from the very beginning is the first step to failing as a blogger. It doesn’t give you control over the audiences, it doesn’t give you monetization advantage but rather requires you to put in more efforts without seeing results.

In any business model you want to operate in, the first step is to discover your market audience and this way, you build them, you own them and you control them. Your audience is your ideal customer who fits into your topics, your keywords, your language and all sorts.

Case study –

Jon already owned a blog he writes about case studies, blogging tutorials, making money online ideas and all that. Jon owns other micro niche websites including dropshipping (eCommerce) and he wanted to open a new niche website.

He sat down to think about the niche and finally landed on Bikes. “Oh, I got it, I think my bike blog should focus on writing helpful guides on how to ride bicycles safely, safety equipment recommendations, bicycles recommendations and so much more”. Oh…YES!.

Jon did not end there with his questions.

Who're my target audiences? Who I'm I writing these contents for? Jon Asked!

Man Thinking what blogging niche he should focus on

Before I could start writing on those contents ideas I've figured out, I don't think I know the right language to use because I don't know the audience I wished to target. At this point, to narrow down his research, Jon started asking himself.

With these few questions, Jon has figured out everything about his audiences and how to better understand their needs thereby providing monetizable solutions.

Find Out What Help They Need

Having done proper research about what your audiences are, next to make money with your blog, understand that you need to provide a solution. An answer to their unsatisfied questions. You must be the final bus stop for their unadulterated questions.

When you find your ideal customer who truly understands your language, value your contents then they will engage with you and your contents. The reason why they became your audience in the first place is that they need your help.

The internet is flooded with a lot of contents of different kinds and the trust given to you by your followers should better be understood and served thereby sharing only contents that will help them accomplish their purpose.

You will need to ask and answer these few questions;

This is how you begin to discover what your ideal customer wants and how to help them get what they want in order to be successful in their quest.

Before creating any product or monetizing your blog with any means, without finding out those four questions, it’s not possible to make money from your brand new blog.

Case Study – YouTube Comedy Skit

Well, we all know how powerful and helpful Nigerian comedy skitters have become…to YouTube as a community and the world at large. The YouTubers realized Nigerians are passing through a lot of challenges and sometimes, it's not wise to preach all the time to a hungry-angry-man.

Behold comedy was introduced. Whoever started it, whoever brought it, I don't know but they saw the needs to make Nigerians and the rest of the world to laugh when they are bored thereby making money while you watch their videos by monetizing their contents with Adsense or sponsored contents from advertisers.

They've grown to become influencers, celebrities and highly searched for public figures who tend to be providing solutions of taking away boredom and putting smiles on people's faces.

In summary, you need to identify a problem, then provide the solution and making money won't be an obstacle.

Your solution might be free or paid it doesn't matter. You can sell your solutions in-form of courses, eBooks and lots more other profitable methods.

My Top Blog Monetization Strategies

In the past 6 years, I have literally opened more than 10 niche blogs which sometimes, I end up selling them off when their value increases. In all these while, I have only monetized with Google Adsense twice which got me hurt after getting my accounts disabled repeatedly.

I decided to change my monetization tactics which tremendously changed the narratives of how I make money online and ever since then, its always been good to remember the day I decided to use these methods only. And here are some of the strategies I used in monetizing my blogs to earn a living online.

Affiliate Programs

If anyone wants to make money from their blogs without passing through the overhead of creating and designing a personal product, then Affiliate Marketing is the best choice and literally the fastest way to get started in monetizing any new or old blog.

How affiliate marketing work is like cutting the overhead of creating your own products yourself and selling them yourself. It's a way of selling other people's products or services using your affiliate id also called affiliate link to advertise and sending traffic to the product owner's page and when that traffic convert to sales or leads, you get a commission for your partnership.

Don't just stick to promoting products that everyone is promoting. Clickbank is good to start with but secrets affiliate products might be better since it might not have too many people promoting it such as niche related affiliate programs. Amazon affiliate program is also awesome.

Selling of Personal Products Through Knowledge Sharing

Sharing of premium knowledge is often overlooked by some bloggers. But let's say you have the platform and you've got a premium solution or knowledge to share and probably thinking of the best way to earn from it, it's by making use of your platform to sell that knowledge by creating any personal product of various kinds and selling to your audiences.

What I'm I talking about?

David is an affiliate marketer who owns a blog that teaches how to make money online with affiliate marketing. David has written more than 20 highly engaging blog contents for free that draw readers attention and David has got a case study, an experience and results and his readers are expecting or demanding for in-depth training on how to get same results but the free resources he shares doesn't seem to provide such solutions that reveal David's secrets.

I mean who else will give such secrets for free knowing what they passed through before getting there? Now you're beginning to think like an entrepreneur knowing that every problem is an opportunity for an entrepreneur.

David had thought about it and finally settles to make a video course and teach his readers how to make money with affiliate marketing using premium strategies that convert. He got all his tools ready, started recording, editing and publishing his course and he put a tiny price on it perhaps $20-$5000.

And David was able to sell to 300 of his readers and that is $20×300 which is $6000 or any figure. Assuming David is doing this at least ones a month, he could be earning $72,000 annually from his blog. Well, that's the power of a platform.

Paper back ecover

Don't Know What To Sell?

Paper back ecover

"Get Instant Access To Over 50+ Niche Researched High In-Demand Digital Product Ideas To Sell Right Now Plus Bonuses"

I love sponsored post option too because it's one of the best ways to make money online as a blogger repeatedly without boundaries. But oftentimes, bloggers get it wrong and keep expecting brands to only find them without them actually trying to find the brands. I mean this, is wrong.

As a blogger, you're also a marketer and oughts to be a marketer. Keep writing proposals to potential media houses, Pr agencies, brands and personalities and introduce your platform and the potentials for their business outreach.


When it comes to business, there's always a need to diversify. Sometimes things don't fall the way we plan. Time changes all things and change is constant and therefore, as a blogger, you have to constantly plan on other leverages to fall back on in times of difficulties, uncertainties, a crisis such as pandemics and so on.

For that purpose, you should have another side hustle or business like;

And a whole lots of other side gigs.


To make money online has 1001% possibilities but doing the right thing is what will literally land you in your dream earnings. Don't make the mistakes I made. Spend the money and learn. be consistent on whatever niche you decide to blog on because it will help you gain trust and the right audiences to leverage on.

Ready to start monetizing like a pro?

get instant access to my top 5 blog monetization strategies video courses and learn how to make money with your blog even as a newbie.

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Awogor Matthew
Awogor Matthew
Hello, I'm Awogor Matthew. I'm a creator, Digital Marketing Strategist and part time web designer at Sendfix Digitals. I'm the owner of this blog you are reading here and I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that enable "us" earn a living online. The online ecosystm is big enough to create a space for you and I. So, connect with on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
Awogor Matthew
Awogor Matthew
Hello, I'm Awogor Matthew. I'm a creator, Digital Marketing Strategist and part time web designer at Sendfix Digitals. I'm the owner of this blog you are reading here and I work closely with action takers to create profitable ideas that enable "us" earn a living online. The online ecosystm is big enough to create a space for you and I. So, connect with on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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