Build your Dropshipping Website with WordPress or Woocommerce

How to Build a Dropshipping Website With WordPress + Woocommerce without Hiring a Developer

In this post, you are going to learn how to create a dropshipping website using WordPress powered Woocommerce step by step guide.

If you’re looking for a platform to start your dropshipping business website, then I totally recommend you using WordPress Woocommerce to do so and in this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to create a dropshipping website with WordPress or Woocommerce even as a complete beginner without having to hire a developer.

In my last post, I talked about how to start a dropshipping business here in Nigeria. I also talked about the best dropshipping platform to get started with. In that list, I mentioned Shopify and WordPress Woocomerce.

I did my verdicts and have returned to tell you that Woocommerce is the best, fastest, cost-effective platform to host your dropshipping website.

Like I said in my previous post, dropshipping is the business of supplying products to your customers without managing inventory. It’s a business to a business model that enables entrepreneurs to make money by selling physical products to their customers without owning a single product.

What is the difference between Shopify and Woocommerce and why Wocommerce?

Shopify was built for the purpose of eCommerce and so it is purpose-specific.

Shopify business model is slightly different from that of Woocommerce because it’s not an open-source but a Software as a Service (SaaS).

It’s a subscription-based eCommerce shopping cart software whose cost is from $29/month.

Its advantages are the direct customer and hosting service it provides to customers.

While Woocommerce is a WordPress owned open-source e-commerce plugin offering e-commerce shopping cart.

WordPress on the other hand is an opened source content management system (CMS) responsible for at least 39% of global websites. It is the most popular platform to build any kind of website upon.

With thousands and millions of free and paid plugins developed by external developers, it continues to upgrade and explore more potential to keep your WordPress website up to the desired task or standard.

So, why do I Choose Woocommerce and not Shopify?

  • Wocommerce is cost-effective
  • Woocommerce gives you total control of your website
  • Woocommerce has a lot of plugins and premium themes both free and affordable ones
  • No monthly subscription required
  • 1-click push products from Aliexpress, Amazon or eBay to your store
  • Choice of marketing tools at affordable prices

Whereas Shopify;

  • Is a monthly subscription
  • It depends fully on other apps to function best
  • You need an additional subscription from other apps to import products from Aliexpress to your dropshipping store such as Oberlo, Spocket etc
  • Overall, it’s too expensive for a startup that is looking to cut cost and start a business.

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How to Setup / Build your Dropshipping Website with WordPress or Woocommerce (Step by Step Guide)

So, if you follow this guide step by step, by the end, you will learn how to create your dropshipping website with WordPress without hiring a developer.

But should you decide to save time, stress and save even more money, then you can hire me and my team to design your dropshipping e-commerce store or alternatively buy our already made Woocommerce stores here for $250 else let’s proceed to the step by step guide.

1. Buy a domain and hosting

The very first step to take in building your e-commerce dropship website is to get a domain and hosting from a reliable registrar and hosting provider.

When it comes to hosting and domain, do not compromise your budgets because it can make or destroy your business drastically.

There’re hundreds of hosting companies out there but very few that actually delivers what they promise. And they're a lot of factors to selecting the right hosting or domain registrar.

Without mincing words, I’ll advise you use Interserver Hosting (my affiliate link) for all your websites hosting because they are the only unlimited hosting company I have used so far that truly offer unlimited web hosting at a very cheap amount with price lock and advanced customer service.

I migrated my websites from Namecheap (my affiliate link) to Interserver since 2018 and since then, I have never regretted my decisions. For more details, please, check out my Interserver vs Namecheap review for full details.

2. Install WordPress from your Hosting cPanel

The second step is to install WordPress after buying your domain and hosting. Let’s believe you bought your domain and hosting with Interserver, to install WordPress, follow this simple guide.

Watch it here in video or skip and continue reading below

You’ll receive an email after purchase hosting with Interserver with the title “New Websites Activated”. Inside that email is your cPanel login details.

Now, click on a link that reads: https://webhosting20–– and you’ll be redirected to where to login with your username and passwords which is also inside the content of that email. See screenshot below.

Now, enter your username and passwords as seen above and log in.

The page you’ll land is called your cPanel. That’s the backend where you’ll manage all your files anytime when your website experiences critical or technical issues on the front-end.

Build your Dropshipping Website with WordPress or Woocommerce

Now, since the domain in question is your hosting primary domain, there are no actions required here. Proceed to the next step.

Scroll down to where you see WordPress under a section called “Softaculous App Installer” and click on “WordPress” to open to the Softaculous Panel.

Build your Dropshipping Website with WordPress or Woocommerce

  1. Click on Install
  2. Choose the version of WordPress you wished to install. Alternatively, leave it the way it is.
  3. Choose Installation URL (HTTP or HTTPS) choose HTTPS because Interserver gives all your websites free HTTPS certificates for life without paying additional money, unlike other hosting you have to buy.
  4. Choose your domain (since you have only one domain, leave it the way it is)
  5. In the directory, make sure you leave it blank. (if you fill anything there, it means you want your website to be accessible on the directory and not on your primary domain e.g instead of
  6. Enter the site name e.g “The Gems Store(this can be edited anytime)
  7. Enter the site description e.g Quality Gems at affordable prices (this can be edited anytime)
  8. Enter your desired username and Passwords
  9. Scroll to the end and hit “Install

Installing WordPress

That is it, you’ve successfully installed your WordPress website and ready to be customized.

3. Install WordPress theme and Start Customization

Now, you should proceed to log into your WordPress backend by going to

Not all themes are good for dropshipping. Because you want to make your dropshipping website to be user friendly with conversion based strategies and objectives.

Therefore, I recommend a WordPress theme by Cleversoft which offers more engaging and conversion-focused designs and features.

  1. Get Cerato Woocommerce WordPress theme
  2. Or get Quartz Woocommerce WordPress theme

These are the best 2 Woocommerce themes that you can use for your dropship business.

Alternatively, you can get the official Alidropship Plugin (my affiliate link) which comes with a free premium Woocommerce themes.

So let’s proceed.

After Login, follow these steps to complete the theme installation and customization.

So, if you have bought Cerato or Squartz WordPress theme;

  1. Click on Appearance which will land you on WordPress themes
  2. Click on New and then Upload
  3. Add your new theme and click on Install
  4. After installing, activate the theme and continue
  5. Click on Install Required Plugins and Activate the plugins

To best customize the theme as a newbie, you should refer to the official theme’s manual (documentation) to see “how to”.

Alternatively, the themes come with prebuilt demos which can be installed with one click. To do so, make sure you must have installed the required plugins as stated above.

During the installation of demo contents, since it’s a Woocommerce focused theme, it will also install Woocommerce plugin as a required plugin but assuming it doesn’t, proceed to the next guide to install your plugins.

  1. Click on Plugins > Add new
  2. On the search box, type in Woocommerce > Click Install > Activate
  3. After activating the plugin, it will prompt you to configure the plugin which is an onboarding process.
  4. Fill in your shop location, categories, and install another handy plugin during the onboarding process called Facebook for Woocommerce (you’re going to need it for promoting your store later)

So, now you have your store ready to dropship.

Another thing is how to get products to your store and that leads us to our next sub-topic which is importing products from Aliexpress automatically without the manual work.

How to Import Products from Aliexpress to your Woocommerce Dropshipping Store Automatically

How to Import Products from Aliexpress to your Woocommerce Dropshipping Store Automatically

One most important factor of this guide is to show you how to get products to your dropshipping store on autopilot without doing it manually.

E-commerce is all about selling a product and to sell a product before, you needed to own that product in order to sell it. Thank God for the new business model called dropshipping.

It has changed the world of commerce drastically and made a lot of entrepreneur’s overnight millionaires without owning any product on their own.

Since dropshipping involved selling of products that are not originally owned by you, we’re using Aliexpress to source for our dropshipping suppliers and to do that, we can’t bear the risks of downloading images and uploading them again on our store.

If we manage to do so, tracking the suppliers to fulfil our orders when we have a new sales will be stressful and unrealistic and therefore, Woocommerce has a lot of plugins that are going to help us bypass that.

Alternatively, you can get your official Alidropship plugin which comes with a premium theme to use for your store.

Here’re some plugins that you need

  1. Aliexpress 1-Click product import and order fulfilment plugin
  2. Aliexpress review importer

The above plugins are handy when it comes to Woocommerce dropship business with Aliexpress because they are going to save your life and make your store look great.

There are different Aliexpress products importer plugins, mostly you can find some by searching for their extensions on the Chrome extension directory. Alternatively, you can make use of the ones I used below.

Initially, I was using Woocommerce Dropshipping sold on the official Woocommerce store.

Besides, it also made WPBeginner’s list of Woocommerce dropship plugins and you could consider this list too.

If you’re not tech-savvy and want to save the stress, then Alidropship is the best option for you right now and you should consider it here.

If you want to be like me, I use the new plugin by Villatheme which is currently free but I believed very soon, they’ll put a price tag on it when it becomes more popular, so let’s enjoy while it lasts. Get it here.

How to Get Real Customers Reviews for your Dropshipping Store on Woocommerce

People discussing media ratings Free Vector

Having imported products to your dropshipping store, the next thing you should want to do is get real customers reviews for your store.

About 65% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews. And according to researches real customer’s reviews of e-commerce store products can increase sales up to 400%.

This is where I will introduce you to a life-changing Ryviu. A powerful plugin that helps you import Aliexpress reviews with photos and real customers first and last name.

Unlike other plugins that import reviews without reviewer’s photos and names with asterisks, Ryviu comes with all in one solution to set up an external review system for your Woocommerce dropshipping store with the ability to filter words, edit reviews anytime and publish them.

On top of all these, Ryviu is completely free for life for importing up to 20 reviews per product and at a token when you decide to upgrade your subscription. Click here to get Ryviu.

WordPress Plugins to help you Market your Dropshipping Store

This is another most important aspect of e-commerce and dropshipping specifically.

So, here’re the plugins you should use to market your store.

1. WordPress Email Template Customizer by Villathemes

This plugin helps you to edit all the Woocommerce and WordPress default email templates to make your store more professional and beautiful.

2. Facebook Woocommerce plugin

This plugin will help you to create a Facebook shop catalogue which will help you in creating ads, managing ads pixels with automatic conversion tracking and you can also use it to set up your Facebook and Instagram shop to allow people to shop on Instagram from your store.

3. AutomateWoo

AutomateWoo is another handy plugin to setup email follow up like abandoned carts, review reminders, customers retention, automated coupons to customers email, customers loyalty etc. With it addon, you can even setup an affiliate system for your customers to refer others and win store credits or affiliate commissions.

How to Promote your Dropshipping Store

Colorful 3d sales background concept Free Vector

So, you’ve set up everything and ready to launch your store to the global customers and start receiving orders.

I get tons of questions that can’t Dropshipping be promoted with SEO? Well, when I say “No”, there’re a lot of factors that back that answer because SEO is a business for the big goons when it comes to eCommerce and using SEO can be so tough and time-consuming.

And by the time the SEO start picking up, a particular product you were optimizing it for might have become outdated or hijacked by competitors.

So, with that being said, here is how to promote your store.

The only way to promote your store is through massive paid advertising called Facebook Ads and partially AdWords by Google.

Facebook ads are the gold mind of e-commerce and a few dollars spent should get you some sales.

With Facebook pixel setup, you can track sales and monitor conversion right from Facebook and setup retargeting to the right customer audiences.

To learn more about Facebook advertising, enrol in my Facebook Ads Blueprint for everyone and learn how to run high converting ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Now you’re ready to make money with your dropshipping store.

I’ve written this content to help you earn a living online by setting up a highly professional dropshipping website without hiring any developer.

Should you have any needs to hire a developer or buy an existing dropshipping website, please click here to hire me and my team to help you out. You’ll be assigned a personal manager to take all your information and we’ll organize a one-on-one call with you to better understand your needs and deliver within 3-7 business days.

You’ll also be given access to our free online training where we’ll teach you everything about Dropshipping and how we make money online through Aliexpress dropshipping.

You can skip the process and enrol in the course instead.


Dropshipping is a business for everyone but the market is highly saturated with everyone trying to sell almost the same thing all using the same platform “Facebook” which is becoming very expensive to promote.

You need to set aside at least $200-$1000 per month on ad spent to make a good ROI.

Dropshipping is also not a get rich quick scheme but a business for entrepreneurs and so it demands due diligence and commitment to get results.

Now your turn, I loved to hear from you. What do you think? Share in the comment box with me.


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