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Hello Welcome to my Personal Blog;
I'm Awogor Matthew

Here, I share inspiration, lifestyles and partially how to earn a living online working from home with tips, tricks, advises and lots more. You can also lay hand on my eBooks to encourage my work by clicking the button below.

Work With Our Agency

In 2019, I co-founded a B2B consulting agency called "Sendfix Digital Solutions" where we offer a variety of services related to digital marketing such as Websites design, development and management for startups, eCommerce, blogs such as Vanguard, pulse etc, SEO, Public Relations, Content Development, Advertising. We can help you develop and manage your website very effectively with seamless customer support.

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Profitable ideas club is a team under my leadership dedicated to researching, testing and providing useful solutions, directions and training to our community members in a bid for them to earn a living online LEGITIMATELY without involving in scam activities.

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Why should you trust me?

In the past 3 years, I have spent time working with multi dollars companies across the globe in a bid to help them maximize sales online. I have been featured on some amazing interviews including a special appearance on Galaxy TV. I speak nothing but results because, I'm always fascinated by numbers. Every campaign my team and I get hands on value these key things; We avoid over promises, we speak the truth, we ensure we deliver results, we commit to the timeline and most importantly, we communicate openly and carefully.

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